Best Entebbe Airport Taxi Service From and to Kampala.

If you are a first time traveler to Uganda, you are probably wondering what the best Entebbe airport taxi service you should use.

So What is The Best Entebbe Airport Taxi Service.

Of course it depends on your need and budget but if I were to recommend one for you I probably would go with our sister company’s Techsys Autos Entebbe Airport Taxi services. But just so I let you be the judge, I will review all the options available.


If you are arriving from America or Europe, you most likely have the uber app already. Uber is available in Kampala and Entebbe. For now you will only be able to use the UberX category which comprises mainly small saloon cars. There are no luxury options with Uber in Uganda. The journey will cost you approximately $33 that is about UGX128000. This is a fairly good price for the 44Km ride.

The pick up time will be relatively short but you have to be patient. The only downsides to using Uber as your Entebbe Airport Taxi Service is that the cars tend to be very small, Often very old, and on a bad day the drivers are rude. The drivers also have the tendency of negotiating prices outside the app and in some cases drivers are driving in fake driver accounts that do not belong to them. This is certainly something of a worry if you are strict on your security and safety. If you opt for this option, you will have the freedom of making a last minute order as no prior booking is needed.

Techsys Autos Airport Taxi Service

Techsys Autos is a reputable company in Uganda which sells and also rents cars. They offer both self drive and chauffeured cars. The company also operates a private taxi service within the country. The beauty about using this service is you have the option to choose what car you would like. From small saloon cars to 4×4 luxury Land cruisers.

The fleet is very big so there will be a car that suits your needs. If you get a problem, you will have a full team to get you off the road with a rescue vehicle in no time. Inevitably the company charges a few dollars extra but you will have the peace of mind that the car and the driver can be trusted to safely take you to your destination.

VOUCH: We vouch for this service as its provided by a sister company and we use it as our official transporter every day.

Bolt / Taxify

This one is probably the cheapest option at your service. Visitors arriving from Kenya, Nigeria and the UK will most likely have this application already. Bolt operates like Uber and is available in Kampala, Entebbe and Mbarara. The Entebbe – Kampala 44KM ride will cost you around $26 (UGX100000). The cars available are mainly small saloon cars. Just like Uber, the cars may be a bit old and sometimes dirty.

The few downsides with travelling with Bolt is the fact that there have been reports of drivers manipulating the GPS to over charge riders. There have been also a few cases reported to police of rude and sometimes violent drivers. Certainly the company has a zero tolerance for such behavior and will disable any driver reported for the same. If you choose this option, make sure the face in the driver app matches your driver. There high cases of driver impersonation on this application.

Airport Taxi

Entebbe airport also has some registered airport taxis. You will identify them with an allocated number and a yellow strip. Most airport taxis are medium sized Saloon cars. The fact that they are registered ensures that drivers are more professional than you will get with Uber and Bolt. The cars and their drivers are also more neater and cleaner. Pricing is generally by negotiation but the average ride from Entebbe to Kampala will cost you around $40 (UGX152000).


Faras is a new entrant to the transportation business. At the time of writing this article, they were less than a year old. Like Uber and bolt, Faras is a ride hailing app operating in Kampala and Entebbe. Generally speaking, ride hailing drivers drive for more than one application so the cars are not too different although Uber seems to have slightly better cars and better drivers. This is largely because Uber is also very strict and will not hesitate to block a driver who misbehaves. The fact that FARAS is still new means they have not yet established a reputation solid enough say this is how their drivers behave.


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