BLQ Football – Everything you need to know about

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Here is the BLQ Football registration Invite Code 86825206 and Everything you need to know about and

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OK Now Back to BLQ and all the other platforms covered here.

If you want to sign up with BLQ, you may simply click on this link to have automatic registration without copying the BLQ Football invitation code. The invite code will be automatically inserted into your registration form without copying. If that doesn’t work for you, visit this link


UPDATE: As of October 12 2022, there have been reports by some users failing to withdraw money from BLQ and inquiries going an answered. In fact a statement from their telegram account has confirmed (as of October 2022 14th) that they closed forever and will most likely not be paying anyone at all.

BUT There Are others!

If you are looking for an alternative that claims to pay even better than BLQ here are some options. Note that all options are high risk and potential scam project even if they still pay.

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The newest website known to me that actually works the same as BLQ and pays a higher profit is You can read my full article about this website on Everything You Need To Know About

I actually know another website registration invite code! The registration invitation code is 177295. You may also simply Click Here on this link to get it inserted in your form automatically. This one workss for MTN users and it pays more money than BLQ. Invest just 100,000UGX and you will probably be swimming in money 24 hrs later or if they are scams as it appears be crying for the loss!

UPDATE: I have been informed that withdrawals to Airtel are currently not going through. This is a major red flag that if you invest with them they might be running out of business.

What is Known About BLQ Football?

Honestly speaking, there is very little known about this website and the people who run it. To start off I did a name search at the National Database operated the Uganda Registration Services Bureau and I couldnt find a company or business name under the name BLQ Football or anything close to that. This points to only two scenarios. The website is operating illegally without registration in the Country or Its registered but trading under a fake name. Whatever the situation, I am not sure why they would be doing any of the two unless they were not in this business for lawful business reasons.

UPDATE: As of 30th September, a name search shows the company has been registered by the Uganda Registration Services Bureau under the name ACCLAIM BLQ SPORTS -SMC LIMITED.

According to the Uganda Lotteries and Gaming Regulatory Board LGRB, BLQ Football is still not registered to conduct betting business in Uganda. In fact, I have discovered that there is a communication from the UCC to internet service providers to block BLQ. This means that those willing to risk with BLQ will need to use VPN to immediately withdraw their money.

I conducted a check on their domain name and the name (at the time of writing this) was only 127 days having been registered 20th May 2022. The age of the site is certainly something to be concerned about but not necessarily a sign that they are a scam. Interestingly and unusual to most scam sites, BLQ Football website was reserved for a whole 5 years. Most scammers reserve domains for only one year.

It should be worth your note too that the domain owner’s details are being hidden using a privacy service purchased from the registering firm. This also is not a good sign.

I need to note that BLQ keeps creating different domain names on the internet to go around possible blocking.

Does BLQ Football Pay Its Betters?

I heard about BLQ Football in Early June 2022. I immediately setup an account for test purposes. I have known people who have been paid since then. To date, I have not heard of a single User who was not paid their Incomes. In fact I was introduces to BLQ by a female friend. She took the risk I couldn’t. At the time she invested 3 million Uganda shillings and she was then earning about 135,000 UGX every day. She got her money out long ego and currently withdraws 300,000 UGX per day. If you ask me if BLQ is paying then its a huge yes. They pay. But paying doesn’t always mean they can not stop in the future. I can only promise that I will immediately update this section when they stop paying.

UPDATE: They seem to have stopped paying so take extra caution!

How Does BLQ Make Money To Pay Its Investors?

According to the website, they make money through reverse betting. Reverse betting is a unique type of betting which  allow you to make your if bet with reverse action. This means that you have two wagers placed both ways. If your first wager wins or pushes, then your second wager will be placed, or wager two wins, place one. Basically the company alleges that they get all the money from investors and place two well calculated big bets. They then share winnings with the investor getting 2.2% of their investment per match. The company pledges that in the event of a loss your investment money is reimbursed without profits for that game.

Is it Safe To Invest in BLQ Football?

I might not be the best person to ask this because am generally biased against all forms of betting. My Biases aside, its always advisable to only bet what you can afford to lose. If you are looking for some fun doing something you like and making some money in the process, you may consider trying this website out. The truth is its paying as promised but am not sure if they are running a solid business model that ensures they will not one day stop paying and end up like most Ponzi Schemes – run with your money.

How To Deposit Money to BLQ Football

The website currently accepts deposits from both MTN and Airtel Mobile Money. Once logged in, You will need to go to your profile home page. Under your profile page on the top you will see a deposit and withdraw menu. Select deposit and on the next page choose your mobile money wallet. The site will then display the payment merchant code. Go to your phone and for MTN dial *165# or *185# for Airtel. Next you will select option 4 Pay Bills then option 9 Others. You can then input the merchant code from BLQ, put the amount you wish to deposit and put your pin to finish the transaction. After you pay your network will send you a confirmation SMS. Copy the Transaction ID from the sms and insert it on the BLQ payment page and hit Finished Deposit. It takes a few minutes for your money to reflect on your account.

Can You Withdraw Your Money At Anytime?

Yes you are free to withdraw all or a portion of your money anytime you want. You will note that withdrawing from BLQ may take upto 24hrs for the money to get to your mobile wallet. There is also a 5% levy on every transaction. Also remember that once you place a bet the money will not be available for withdrawal until the game in question has ended and the winnings added to your account.

DISCLAIMER: The writer is a researcher and not an employee of any of the businesses he reviews. Be extremely careful when investing with businesses that aren’t transparent about their identity.

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  2. Even me I heard about this BLQ from a friend, he explained everything as u noted them.
    Naye, in this thing aren’t there loses??
    O they are just using people’s money to profit them selves on investers money.

    1. Those days I started investing money in blq , I got large profits and even withdrawinls would take only 3 hours , but this days withdrawls takes 72 hours (4 days) what would be the problem, but in tearms of depositing money to your Blq account takes only 1 to 3 minutes , I want the plaftom of blq to update withdrawls also like 1 to 3 hours , why am I saying this because the money we withdraw has to be approved by BLQ platform it’s self, URA , Airtel , and MTN before it’s comes to your mobile money account

  3. All this is the Duty for the government… To keep and guide the people with information in time… Kyoka the poor Ugandan people are the ones to suffer in this… BLQ football fuck if your plans are to course pain in our country with this stupid leadership of museven where people are kunyigilizibwa gasiya Uganda… R I P to you all our leader…. Nothing you can do even if your own mother land is dieing… Naye BLQ nonziba njakuloga hahahahaha and am serious

  4. I’m also interested in that money but I’m also still fearing(but I’m going to start with adeposite of 500000k and see.

  5. From my experience I have no doubt about blq only what concerns me is their legality if they can become legal it would be great achievement to some ugandans

  6. But me if I can deposit and withdraw money then I have no problem with the company, I don’t mind weather it a scammer or Not, and what everybody should know is that BLQ is Legaly registered in Uganda under Local government Act, both with URA, URSB, and KCCA

  7. Have a question, I requested for a small withdrawal of 30k to my MTN but it took more than 24 hrs . however,am grateful for the good work done
    2. Can I do top up mid month or anytime time it is okay.

  8. The good thing here at blq when you invest with them you have a right to withdraw your money any time and the profit accumulates first so if you fear to be robbed first invest your money in few weeks withdraw and start use your profit as a stake.

  9. As qualified Financial Analyst we have three rules.
    1. Invest only what you can afford to loose.
    2. Never put all your eggs in one basket.
    3. There is nothing like get quick rich schemes. Invest and allow the process to take place you will get wealth.

  10. To my side, I have never seen the company like Blq for sure u can withdraw yo money at any time u want with a huge income within few weeks or months so,let us invest money in Blq.

  11. Thanks for the work doing, am greatfull to be here and a member of BLQ Football.
    I would like to know more on the payments.
    What if i start with 10,000 Ugandan shillings, How many games am i supposed to bet per day,
    And what is my profit on that 10k per game.

  12. BLQ football is a total scam….it doesn’t exist and more so not even registered and licenced to operate in Uganda by the Gaming and Lottery sports Association….in fact at the moment, people can no longer withdraw their money….

  13. BLQ is very real
    I have been using it for some good time but it’s really working
    So please anyone interested in joining the platform you can inbox me and I teach you just a few steps and you start making money and be a boss
    Here is my contact

  14. It’s now about 4 months when the other scammers called “charge any time” scammed ugandans over UGX2.5billion,now there’s this one also,you may even find out that were even the ceo’s of “charge any time”so,ugandans please watch out in case your money is itching you,eat that money

  15. Now days withdrawal takes 1-72hours. Thats roughly 3days. But away frm dat its good platform with very nice profit margins

  16. Everything has it good part and bad part in that try all your level best to get what you need in anyway so longest you succeed at the end

  17. I openned up an account of when i wanted to wiyhdraw its nw 72 plus hour.i havnt recieved my wenever i contact on there centre.they always tell me to hold me.oba i hold on until wen?guys am afriad

  18. I have joined today with 500000, deducted my money but it’s not reflecting on my account, like as available balance, myee. Guys nfudde

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