Bolt Driver Accounts for Sale on the Dark web

Bolt Driver Accounts for Sale on the Dark web

There are Bolt driver accounts for sale on the dark web a research has revealed. New bolt driver accounts are sold at a mere $45 we have confirmed. The accounts are for Bolt Drivers in Nigeria, Ghana, UK, Uganda, Kenya and South Africa.

Its possible that there are some other countries whose driver accounts are being sold on the dark web and on Telegram.

What you need to Buy a Bolt Driver Account.

Its threateningly too easy to buy a Bolt Driver app online. Compared to Lyft and Uber, we found bolt accounts being sold for mush less and very easily. The Cost is in the range of $60 but we managed to get a seller who accepted $45.

Do Bolt Driver Accounts bought online work?

Yes they do. While researching for this article, we bought a Bolt Driver account for each of the countries above. We were able through Geo-spooling to place the device in the respective country and we successfully went online. After a wait of a couple of minutes in every case, we were able to receive a trip request. Of course, we did not take the rides because we were just researching. One can buy a bolt driver account and proceed to work with it in each of those countries named above.

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How easy is it to Use a Bolt Account Bought Online?

Its annoyingly easy to drive with a fake bolt account. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone out there was driving under your Identity. Once you buy, you are ready to drive which is not the case with Uber. The fact that even the price is lower makes it the more worrying that someone could be driving under your identity.

Where to Buy Driver Accounts on the Dark Web.

Like Uber and Lyft, we were able to buy driver accounts from a darknet marketplace vendor GenesisPax and GenesisJuice from Genesis Onion Marketplace. This vendor sells new and old probably stolen Bolt, uber and Lyft accounts. They sells on both Genesis Marketplace and Telegram and

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