Car Sale websites in Uganda

If you are looking to buy or sale a car in Uganda, We review for you websites where you can readily buy or buy a car in Kampala and other parts of Uganda.


OLX themselves are NOT Car dealers but You can Buy or sell a car quite easily on OLX. OLX is an international brand and offers many other products for sale.

PROS The main advantage of buying cars from OLX is that there are too many sellers to choose from so you can negotiate for a good deal.

OLX has a very user friendly Android App that you can easily use to both upload cars for sale or just look at the rich database of cars for sale.

Unlike Cheki, OLX is 100% Free. Sellers are not charged to list cars and buyers are not charged to buy.

CONS: OLX is full of bogus listings of items that do not actually exist for sale. There are also scammers who are just trying to steal from you if you are an easy pick.


By Far Cheki is the most known dedicated Car selling website in Uganda. The website has tens of thousands of cars both locally used, Freshly imported and those ready to be imported.

Pros: The website has a rich database to select from and you will most likely find the car you seek.

Because there is payment associated with each post, there are much less scam and useless posts on this website.

CONS: The website charges sellers to post cars there buy limiting almost all cars to be in Kampala where it’s easy to access their offices or sales Reps.

While the Website also has an Android Version, the android app is less user-friendly with particular user complaints about signup problems.


Vuganda is a dedicated Car sale website. Unlike OLX you will not find misplaced adverts of other items on this Website. It’s also a multi-dealer site so you get a car from a pool of very many sellers.

PROS: Vuganda has a quite large database of cars for sale with over 200 cars listen every single day.

Vuganda also has a very easy to use android application that one can use to both lists their cars for sale or just search for a car to buy.

Because the website lists cars from several dealers, its very easy to negotiate for a better discount.

CONS: Frankly speaking this website is the youngest of the ones reviewed on this page. That is not a problem in itself but it appears that its new business and they may not have the expertise Cheki and OLX have in the business.


This website actually has quite a good fresh look and generally easy to use. The job was professionally done and has been around for quite a while.

PROS: The website is a multi-agent site so it sources cars from different deals hence should have a variety of sellers.

CONS: This website had no android app and yet most users come from mobile devices and prefer native Android apps to responsive websites.

This website has less than 100 cars listed and therefore very small database to choose from. Some prices are also relatively higher than the average market prices.


Just like Vuganda, CarKibanda sales both cars and spare parts so you can easily grab whatever you want from the same website. The website has also been around for several years so they can be trusted.

PROS: The website has an android app for ease of use. At the time of filing this review, they had 2379 vehicles listed for sale mainly in Kampala but with other towns too.

CONS: While the number isn’t too small, They still are only better than in terms of number of cars listed for sale yet they have been around much longer.

The website load speed was also quite slow and used a lot of data that might not come off well with mobile device users who may be trying to save data.

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