What To Consider When Choosing A WordPress Host For Your Website

More and more people choose WordPress for their Blogging and e-commerce websites. Kweshan has the largest free WordPress Knowledgebase to help you get started on your WordPress website Project. In this lesson, you will learn the things to Consider when Choosing a WordPress Host for your site.

This article teaches you the 10 ways How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting for your website to perform very well, Increase SEO Performance, Ensure WordPress Security and Load very fast.

If you are new to WordPress, I would advise that you install WordPress on your Local computer and test it out so that you get familiar with how it works and what you will be looking for in a WordPress Host.

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Let’s get started on the 10 Things To Consider When Choosing A WordPress Host For Your Website

1. Server and Host Reliability

Your website needs to be online every time someone tries to access it. Running into hardships to serve the website to visitors from time and again will frustrate your website guests.

You need a server with good performance that will not keep crushing from time to time. It should also be hosted from a good data center where both Internet and Power connectivity is almost guaranteed at 100%.

The host company should also be very reliable. It should a company with a known physical address and modes of communication. You do not want to run into problems and you do not know how to contact your web host or they are unresponsive for days while your website is down!

2. Server Speed

Load speed is a very important aspect of your WordPress website. Research shows that a single second delay reduces your website’s conversion rates by 7%.

A reduction in conversion rate means that you will be losing money just because your website took longer to load. Many times your website visitors will close the page before its fully loaded.

In particular, mobile website visitors will leave your website if a webpage doesn’t load within 3 seconds. Needless to add is that there more mobile website visitors now than those using desktops and other bigger devices.

Closing the website too fast means they may not have seen what they wanted to see but also google will frown at you as the bounce rate will keep increasing and your SEO rank will keep reducing.

Servers with very bad speed also frustrate search engine crow bots making your website quite hard to index. This also hurts your SEO efforts.

WordPress is the most used Blogging Content Management System on the internet. A good WordPress Host should ensure great server speed so that the very dynamic blogging content is indexed as first as the bots can.

3. Customer Support

Quick and reliable customer support is critical when choosing a WordPress host. You do not want to host your website with a firm you ask about database injection and they have no idea what you are talking about.

WordPress is the most used CMS and inevitably the most attacked by hackers. In case of problems, of hack or other technical issues, you need a knowledgable customer support to help you resolve any problems so that your website does not suffer from long downtime.

It’s also important that you choose a web hosting provider whose customer service team doesn’t just understand hosting generally but WordPress Hosting in particular. This will help you get clear and insightful help when your WordPress website runs into some trouble.

4. Server Security

As earlier stated, WordPress is the most hacked CMS in the world. This is not to mean that the script is not secure enough. It can be hardened enough to ensure utmost protection but it will require the right server and website configuration.

A good WordPress host will need to have the needed expertise to harden their server and secure their client’s websites.

5. Server Uptime

Time is money. The more time you are off the more money you lose. Whether you are using your WordPress website as an e-commerce website or you are monetizing your WordPress blog, the longer you are off the more money you lose.

While no one may guarantee 100% uptime, a good WordPress host will need to have very limited downtime.

Activate Jetpack downtime monitoring function on your WordPress website so that you get email updates whenever your website is unreachable and when it comes back online.

6. Upgrade Options

If you are running a WordPress Blog and you publish good content on a daily, soon, you will get more visitors. The more you write, the more you will require more Disk space to accommodate the tones of Images, videos, and audios you upload on a daily.

If you stay dedicated to publishing very regularly, soon you will need more resources than what you started with. You need a website host that you can grow with. You will need to upgrade your website plan as and when you outgrow the current one. Before you choose a WordPress host, have a growth plan in your mind and choose the one that offers the needed expansion plan.

7. WordPress Specific Services

While almost any good shared Linux hosting provider will support WordPress, sometimes you might need to be more specific and choose a WordPress Host.

Selecting a WordPress hosting specific provider is not absolutely but gives you a lot of dividends if you can

The low-side of using a WordPress host is that most WordPress hosting are relatively more costly than ordinary shared hosting.

However, by choosing a provider with specific WordPress services, you will benefit from emergency WordPress patching, WordPress performance optimization, Script attack, and virus removal among others.

These can be time-consuming if you were to choose a basic shared host.

8. Cost.

True, WordPress hosts tend to charge a little higher than normal shared hosting. You will however have to settle for a host that is reasonable in offering vis a vis your budget.

Discuss with your web host the needs of your website so that they can advise on a plan that optimizes the resources you need not generally charging you for resources you do not actually need.

If you get a cloud host that offers WordPress hosting and only charges you for the resources you need, you might be able to cut on some unnecessary costs.

9. Data Backup

You will probably be publishing an article every single day. By the end of two years you will have written over 700 posts. That is great dedication and a lot of time invested. Now you do not want to wake up one day and all your effort is up in ashes!

Choose a website host who has automated backup so that in the event of an attack you can quickly get all the work back without much loss and headache. With a good backup system, your website will be restored in just a few simple clicks!

10. SSL Certificate.

The Online world is fast moving to a secured environment. Very soon you will not be able to view content that is not secured. Google for example already started treating as secondary unsecured content and sometimes some people will not be able to see your content if it’s not secured.

Fortunately, there are many website hosts that offer free SSL certificates like Lets Encrypt without charging you a single coin.

Talk to your website host and ask them if they have any free solutions for SSL. If yes then request them to install one for you and direct your website visitors to access your website through the secured layer at HTTPS.

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