Cindy Vs Sheebah Proves we are Intellectually Disabled as a Country.

Cindy Vs Sheebah Proves we are Intellectually Disabled as a Country.

If you allow me, I will indulge you for a minute. Cindy Vs Sheebah has been the talk of the country. Rival fans have been going at each other and I almost see them coming at me here under. And if you watched what they called a debate before the show, you will agree the musicians might be worse off. The Level of reasoning was plainly lacking. Hi Baby (Cindy) would try but was anyone interested? If Sheebah had just slapped someone we would have “better” content on Tik Tok.

The one thing we can agree upon though is that we did not need this battle and we ended up getting a raw deal. I shall not discuss who performed better or worse. What I can say and you might agree with me is that I have seen both musicians perform better than they did at the battle.

Bobi Wine Vs Bebe Cool was the closest we ever got to a real battle but bubble gum consumers will most likely put up a defence. If today Bobi wine agreed to battle Allien Skin, the venue would fill and people would put up debates like that is surely bigger and better than anything this country has ever had.

Before Mr Elon Musk took over twitter, real brains would meet and talk to each other about many things on Twitter. At that very time Ugandans led mostly by low key Middle East Kadama Celebrities would gather on Tik Tok. The rest is history, Ugandans are now on Tik Tok and they have taken over.

Now there are Tik Tok Influencers who are not known to anyone but fellow Tik Tokers. Certainly, I have no problem with this but if you are a failure everywhere and your moment of shine is only on Tik Tok then we have a small problem at our hands! What you consume is what you are and what you give. If your daily content is Mubiru Ndeka, Young men dancing for like and young women almost undressing for the same then you are as naked as the content you consume. Certainly, many people will not even see my point.

I have been privileged to work for media for a very long time. I have been a radio manager for more than a decade. By nature of my work, I have had the misfortune of coming face to face with aspiring radio presenters who simply know NOTHING. What is painful is they see nothing wrong with the intellectual disability! Their brains tell them when you need it, you will google it.

The country has accepted this type of disability to be the norm. Exposure is being subjected to different environments, situations, information etc and you learn lessons out of it. Living and only doing so on Tik Tok is lack of exposure for that matter.

Our parents killed this country. They raised children absently and those children are now parents doing the same. We are about to get a generation of grand parents who don’t know SH*T. Their parents don’t know either. They don’t want to work, they want deals. They don’t want to Save they want Kusimbula. They don’t watch news they prefer watching soccer. I can excuse them because some of the people on TV and Radio are not worth the time anyway.

The whole country is ignorant of anything worth the time. Our children after University with a full degree in Mass Communication are asked what they know and all of them will say Entertainment. When they seek a radio job and ask them what they want to do on radio they will tell you playing music requests and entertainment news. Cry Uganda, Cry! The whole country wants to be entertained nothing more!

You would think Universities would help our children but they are also a joke! When Universities were still Universities, they would be organising memorial lecture, Seminars, Public lectures and debates etc. Now Universities are organising Music Battles between two school dropouts. They have hired city MCs who are school drop outs as their influencers. We have a huge problem as a country and no one is even bothered.

Right now choosing a university to join in many cases depends on how EASY they are. A good one should be easy with the students roaming the bars as they please. Talk anything serious, this country will not like you. Mr. Museveni found this out long ego and stopped. He does not want to disturb his Drunkards as he regularly refers to us.

And if you are thinking the Churches and Mosques will help, don’t even waste your hope. You preach tough they don’t come back next week. Give them hope (Kitwale) entertain them and if need be, as a pastor, dance for the sheep. We know big ministries in this city that have no problem with their saved sheep going to bar and having sex before marriage. The church has also accepted and surrendered.

We do not need Kyagulanyi, or Museveni Not even the cool Mugisha Muntu. What we need as a country is a stone-cold Dictator to reshape the direction this country takes without fear or favour. We have set bad examples for our children because we are incapable of guiding ourselves. Some one very hard needs to force us to do things differently.

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  2. This is real thing that have been also telling people but they just say am stupid but your right because the country is down

  3. Am impressed to find someone reasoning like this in Uganda of the 21st century. People have lost manners, direction ethics and integrity as you suggest another instrument that can put our people to the right track should be put in place but I pray that it should come in place in peaceful measures

  4. In 1984 , globally there was something referred to as A Thought Crime…
    You were not supposed to THINK; it was as punishable as even a mere expression of wondering “how or why’.
    Sir writer, thanks for the analysis but it’s not only about Uganda, it’s a global thoughtless generation.

    Let me drive you to what happened in thes e recent 3years.
    Masses were influenced to wear masks yet masks didn’t prevent COVID-19.
    Masses were forced/ impelled to take COVID Vaccines yet none of the Vaccines prevented the disease but causing Myocarditis….
    But still people took em and are still willing too if they came back today or sooner.

    You wrote about Twitter; but many people have been censored off Twitter because they thought otherwise than the general fallacy of rich men and so called wise men of this perverse world.
    My point is it’s a global Thing but am so impressed you really had brains so open …

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