Click-Through Rate – Meaning and Definition of CTR.

Click-through rate – CTR is a measure of how your website visitors interact with your web content. CTR does this by measuring how often users click on your internal links.

Click-through rate
Click-through rate

Click-through rate measures the rate at which users click on your URLs by analysing the ratio of users who click on a specific link to the number of total users who view that particular page content.

When applied to online advertisement, Click-through rate is often a measure of how successful an advertising campaign is in generating traffic to the advertised product or page. It measures the number of clicks an advertiser receive on their adverts compared to the adverts total number of impressions.

Why Is Click-through rate – CTR Important?

You probably want to start earning from your blog or want to simply increase revenue. Increasing your CTR is a very important aspect that will affect how much money you make.

If you monetize your web content using PPC – Pay Per Click advertising networks like Google Adsense, your Click Through Rate will determine how much you actually get paid!

The CRT is essential in PPC revenue because it directly affects both your website Quality Score and how much you are paid every time someone clicks on adverts placed on your website.

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Improving your CTR will reduce your Bounce Rate which improves your SEO ranking. Bounce Rate is a percentage of your website visitors who after landing on a page on your website, leave without looking at any other pages.

Easy Ways Of Improving Your CTR on WordPress.

1) Implement a Good Internal Link Strategy. A good internal links strategy will not only improve your SEO but will better your Click-through rate. Whether you use manual internal link placements or use employ an internal link plugin, your website will benefit from a better CTR than if you have no internal links.

One very good strategy is to link to your cornerstone articles. These are details articles and will most likely be more resourceful and be more useful to your web visitors.

2) Improve Relevance of Links. Without a doubt, the CTR will improve if you improve the relevance of Ads or Links to what content is on a particular web page.

If for example, you are more likely going to get more clicks when you link to a page that discusses “how to improve CTR” from this article than you will if you like to one that discusses “who is Donald Trump.”

3) Apply Relevant Tags. WordPress comes with the ability to group posts that discuss similar topics together through the use of tags. When used properly, tags will help you improve the contextual relevance of posts grouped under the same tag. Do not just apply tags that are not helpful to visitors to locate posts that discuss a specific topic.

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4) Proper Use of Categories. Just like tags, Post categories can be used to group together articles that might be of interest to similar web visitors. By for example grouping all SEO related articles in the same category, you potentially encourage readers interested in SEO to read more than one of your SEO related articles.

5) Use of popular posts on your widgets. The most popular posts plugin helps you display some of the articles users find useful on your website. These posts might be of higher relevance to your visitors. Showcase them in a side widget to entice more clicks and improve your CTR.

6) Add a Related Post. The related post function improves your internal link strategy. It will help you to contextually add articles related to the one the visitor is reading. This will prove your CTR.





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