Crown Football – Everything You Need To Know About

Crown Football or Crown Football Uganda Is a reverse betting website that claims to use Football to Change Lives of its investors through Online Football Betting. The platform is an invite only. This means that you need an invitation code to register with them. If you would like to signup CLICK HERE

What Is Known About Crown Football.

At the time of writing this review, Crown Football was not legally registered in Uganda. I conducted a name search at the Uganda Registrations Services Bureau and there was no company or business name registered as Crown Football.

Interestingly the platform displays some faint certificate that is certainly not from Uganda. They also display a trading License that looks forged.

By law, for anyone to conduct betting in Uganda, one needs to be registered by the regulator, the Uganda Lotteries and Gaming Board. Crown Football is currently not a registered operator as the law requires.

The business model of Crown Football looks similar to another plat form Balled BLQ that just scammed many Ugandans. Its likely that they are a scam hence their not being registered.

About Their Website.

The website domain was registered of 22nd August 2022. The age of the domain is very suspicious and akin to scamming sites. They are normally new and just like this one, often reserved for just one year.

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The website doesn’t avail any information of who registered it. They are Using a premium service to hide the information which makes Crown Football Suspicious.

Do They Pay?

Yes they do but paying never proves they are legit. At the time of filing this article, Crown Sports betting Company was still paying its investors. Investors are given three games every day to bet on without incurring any risk. You may choose more games but the extra ones are not risk free. You may make some money online using this platform but its certainly a high risk venture.

When will Crown Football Close?

One common question people always ask is when will a platform close. The mere fact that you think they might close means you are half sure they will not last. No one of course can answer that question unless they own the business. It means the platform is a high risk venture and you should only invest what you are able to lose. Most platforms with very high profits and bonuses will only last a couple of weeks to months before they close.

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