What does Discovered Currently Not Indexed Mean?

What does Discovered Currently Not Indexed Mean?

If you are a regular user of Google Search Console, You may not be new to the “Discovered  currently not indexed” status or error. In this article we will tell you everything yyou need to know about this status, how you can fix it and what implications it has to your SEO journey. But before we dive in, If you are not sure what Google Search Console is, consider reading my article on the topic here

Google Search Cosole – Everything You Need To Know as a Beginner.

What does Discovered currently not indexed mean?

The “Discovered Currently Not Indexed” status in your google search console is a quite regular status. If you are a webmaster and regularly monitor the indexing rate of your website, you must have come accross this error. The status simply means that Google knows about these links, but they haven’t crawled, and therefore NOT indexed them yet.

What Brings the Discovered Currently Not Indexed Status?

In most cases, pages will show this status if they are on a new website that has just beedn launched. Even though the website itself is already index, google tends to take a bit longer to crawl again new websites. Since pages are only indexed after a successful craw, you will end up with pages that are not yet crawed and therefore not yet added to the indexed list.

The erro may also apear on websites that are old but on pages or posts that have previously just been added. If your page or post is new, it may take a bit before they are index.

Take not that websites that do not add new content very regularly tend to have a relatively low craw rate. This means that posts added to such websites might take a bit longer to be crawed and therefore have the Discovered Currently Not Indexed status.

As I have already stated above, this is more of a status than it is an error. This means that you have absolutely no reason to worry. The status will not affect your SEO efforts. Its very normal for google to take a while before it comes back to your website to crawl again and index new pages. Google loves fresh quality content and if you are sure thats what you have been adding then there is nothing to worry about.

What Can I do To Fix the Discovered – Currently Not Indexed status?

Nothing. Yes you shouldnt do anything. If you’re running a small website (below 10.000 pages) with good quality content, this URL state will automatically resolve after Google has crawled the links. Keep writing new content and in no time your content will he indexed. If this state however frustrates you and you want it to go away, the following tricks will be useful to increase your crawl rate.

  • Write new content regularly. The more Google finds useful content whenever it crawls your page, the more it will come back faster.
  • Add a sitemap to help Google understand what content is on your website
  • Make sure your website loads very fast as the crawl spiders love fast websites.
  • Comb out all dead links that might be frustrating google with non existent pages.
  • Get banklinks from websites with high URL authority and content that changes very often.


The Discovered – Currently Not Indexed status is something that should not worry you. Simply keep adding content to your website and you will soon get your posts indexed without doing anything.

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