Dumps – Meaning in Carding and Everything You Need To Know.

Dumps – Meaning in Carding and Everything You Need To Know.

What are Dumps? Dumps or Dumpz are a type of fraud in which credit card information is stolen from customers. Fraudsters may obtain Dumps either by physically copying data from the card or by hacking the payments network of the companies in question.

As stated above, the most used ways of getting Dumpz include the physical skimming of the credit card, capturing the data through a POS device that has been infected with malware, or hacking into a retailer’s internal network

How Credit Card Dumps Work

The Concept of Dumps is a bit similar to the one earlier discussed in this article, What are Fullz and How Can Fullz Be Used To Steal Money.

There are many ways in which a credit card dump might occur. One common method include:


This is a crime in which an illegal card reader, sometimes hidden in an ATM or gas station pump, copies the data from a credit card.


In other cases, cybercriminals are able to obtain a large number of card numbers at once, by compromising the computer systems of companies handling customer credit card information.

Compromised POS

Another common way in which Dumps occur is by infecting the point-of-sale (POS) devices of a large retail chain.

Can PINs Protect you From DUMPs attacks?

Not completely. It’s true that Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) and security chips have helped to reduce on Dumps attacks. Nonetheless, hackers still have multitudes of ways to exploit weaknesses in the electronic payments system. Thousands of valuable credit card information is stolen and sold on the dark web every single day.

How Much Do Dumps Cost On The Dark Web?

 Stolen Credit Card information on the Dark Web costs between $20 and $300 per card. The exact cost depends largely on the known or assumed value of the credit card details in question.

Why Do Hackers Sell Dumps Instead of Cashing Them?

In some cases, hackers use the information themselves in order to make unauthorized online purchases. This however comes with the risk of being netted by law enforcement. In order to leave no trail, hackers prefer to sell the card details on the dark web in exchange for untraceable Bitcoins. By doing this, hackers get a fraction of the card value while staying anonymous and are far from getting caught by the Feds.

Where to Buy Dumps

Most marketplaces that sell Fullz, Clones, and Carding services also sell Dumps. There a lot of marketplaces both on the dark web and on the clear net where you can buy Dumps. Some of them include Carding Guru, The Cartel Market Place Onion Link, Kingdom Market, AlphaBay Market and MGM Grand.


It appears that one can only try but can not completely stay safe from Dumps attacks. One good way to stay safer is to always use a single-use virtual prepaid debit card. This limits the chances of a hack even though it doesn’t eliminate it.

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