E-Marketing For Beginners. Everything You Need To Know.

This is a beginner’s guide on how to get started with the concept of marketing or E-Marketing. This beginners tutorial is an eMarketing handbook that will explain everything there is to know and get you started.

Using this guide, you will be able to give your business the boost it requires and improve your revenue in just days.

What is E-Marketing?

Loosely speaking, emarketing or E-marketing can be understood to mean Internet marketing and Digital Marketing.

More accurately, however, the term takes a broader look at marketing as it employs a combination of tools like digital media, Social media, e-mail and wireless media, electronic customer relationship management systems (E-CRM systems) to mention but a few.

It is the process of marketing a product or service using the Internet. Emarkerting not only includes marketing on the Internet but also includes marketing done via e-mail and wireless media. The ultimate goal of any marketing campaign is to connect businesses to their eventual customers.

E-marketing involves the use of the wider web to man the full process of planning and execution of a product, its distribution, promotion, and revenue generation.

E-Marketing vs. Digital Marketing

I would say in practice, there exists very little or no difference in these two marketing approaches. E-marketing generally employs all digital marketing approaches to be effective. The primary objective for both is to boost sales and marketing activities aimed at acquiring and retaining customers for the business.

Can I Sell E-Marketing as a Product to Earn Money?

E-marketing in its own self is not a product. It’s a service that you can employ to promote and render profitable other products or services.

This means that marketing professionals may actually offer their expertise at a fee. In this case, the marketing professional is offering E-marketing services as a product to earn money.

In general use, you would ordinarily need a product or service to promote for sale in order to gain revenue from Digital Marketing strategies.

Creating a Real-life Scenario of E-Marketing.

The Concept Of E-Marketing
The Concept Of E-Marketing

Let’s say I am a recording artist who earns money from the sale of my Music. I want to employ Digital Marketing to improve my revenue. NOTE: I am assuming that the music is already recorded and ready for sale.

1) Go Digital – I might start by setting up my personal website where I plan to sell my music digitally but also get contacted by potential buyers.

2) Mult-Channel Approach – I might set up social media accounts, Official email address and a Whatsapp account to support my Marketing campaign.

3) Set up e-commerce – I might set up an e-commerce section where billing information, invoices, client records are gathered and kept.

4) Choose a technique – I might design an attractive banner promoting my new song that is available for buying on my website and provide the link to my site on the banner.

5) Mult-Technique Approach – I could also get an audio short clip of my song and add it to the image to create a video clip. I will then email out the clip to my mailing list, share on Whatsapp, and all social media channels and I could even pay Google adwords and youtube to promote the clip.

I will then get traffic from all those media channels to my music. I will sell both digital downloads and live CDs to visitors and get paid online.

The whole process of planning this scenario, bringing it to life and using it to attract buyers and generating revenue is what Digital Marketing is all about rather than just sending out a sales email.

Digital Marketing Costs and Return to Investment.

The effectiveness of a Digital Marketing campaign will largely depend on The product, how well thought the campaign is, the implementation, monitoring performance of each channel and how you address areas of concern.

The cost will be driven by how heavy your campaign is, the channels used, the expertise you have in using the channel preferred and the nature of the product.

Generally speaking, an E-marketing campaign will cost much less than traditional marketing and with the right tools could be just as effective.

Relationship Between SEO and Digital Marketing.

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For starters, SEO refers to Search engine optimization. This is the process of growing website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website to search engine users.

While SEO is not really related to Digital Marketing, the two are not alien to each other.  SEO tends to improve with an increase in the quality of traffic coming to your website.

If your digital marketing plan is going to be bringing in traffic to your website then the quality of that traffic needs to be good. While good traffic will get you SEO juice, buying low-quality traffic will have effects on your SEO works.

If you plan to use email as a channel of marketing make sure you are neither spamming or phishing in your campaign. Both will have negative effects on your SEO attempts.

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