How To Solve FMWhatsapp or GBWhatsapp Error – unable to access your account at this time, please try again later

When you try to backup Whatsapp on FMWhatsapp or GBWhatsapp to Google drive you get the error “Unable to access your account at this time, please try again later”.

This error means that you will not be able to have a cloud backup of your chats in your most MODs installations of whatsapp.

The problem normally happens after you switch from the official whatsapp to many versions of MODs like FM and GB WHATSAPP.

After you install GB OR FM whatsapp, you are unable to sync your databases to G-drive.

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In this article, we teach you an alternative way to back up your whatsapp to GDrive.

Steps to Back Up FMWhatsapp to Gdrive

  • Go to Google Play store and download the APP FolderSync 
  • Install the App and open it.
  • Authenticate and Give permission to Google drive.
  • In the App go to accounts and add your Google Drive account.
  • After adding the account proceed and go to FolderPairs in FolderSync.
  • Now set up the google drive folder and Local folder you wish to Sync.
  • Make sure to choose Sync type – Two way so that syncing is done on both Folders.
  • Go through other preferences available on that screen and set them any way that serves you perfectly.
  • When Done Click save and exit.
  • Now your App will sync with Gdrive according to the preferences you specified.
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So how do I use the backup?

If you want to get a back up of your chats after you have installed MODs on a new phone, or if you uninstalled and reinstalled and now want the back up here is what you need to do.

  1. Install the MOD but don’t open it.
  2. Download the APP FolderSync  on the new phone where you want the backup
  3. Go through all the steps provided above so that the new whatsapp GB or FM whatsapp can sync what you had on Gdrive to the phone. 
  4. When the sync is complete, restart your phone and start your GBwhatsapp.
  5. When prompted, don’t use the first option to restore your contacts. Also do not accept the option to copy the data from google drive.
  6. The App will warn you that there’s a backup available on your phone internal memory. Accept and restore that copy by pressing Restore.

Please note that during Setup of FM and GBWhatsapp you will be asked if you want to import a backup from google. Simply decline at that level as you will keep running into the same error. Ignore and use the method above.

Secondly do not try to restore chats after you have already verified and opened up your FMwhatsapp. You must go through the process before opening your WhatsApp and using it to chat. Nothing will work if you first set up and open WhatsApp then you try to get a backup restored.

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If you have any other way to backup GBWhatsapp that you know, we would be very glad to hear from you. Leave us a comment in the comment box below.

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  2. This was not helping please show me the app that enables me to aunthenticate fmwhatsapp with Google

  3. I need my chats and it doesn’t want to open fm WhatsApp what do I do cause they didn’t even allow me to back up

    1. Does this mean you uninstalled? If you uninstalled without backing up then you will not be able to get the chats back sadly. If you haven’t uninstalled then I could help guide you.

      1. Sir can you unban my what’s up account. I am facing lots of problems I feel I have cut out from whole world and my loved ones

        Help please your sincerely

        1. Hello whatsapp Team!
          My phone number 09161374332
          I was banned on whatsapp I’m sorry i spammed on whatsapp by Mistake
          please unbanned my Whatsapp account immediately Thank you

  4. I hv’nt uninstalled and backup yesterday.. Kindly guide me how i restore my chats in fm whatsapp now???

  5. this only show how to sync… the question is how to get backup files on the backups folder so all that using whatsapp mod can backup their chats

  6. I backed up before uninstalling. And have downloaded the foldersync ans i want my chat back.i need guide please

    1. You are meant to install and sync with that app before you uninstall MODs. Then after you install you still sync. If you Uninstall before syncing then you will have deleted your backup.

  7. hey friday i had factory reset my phone but before i did it i backup my fmwhatsapp to gdrive by using foldersync but yesterday i download it back and follow all the steps above and now its saying “sorry we couldn’t find backup file” please tell me what to do??

  8. Hi please help downloaded and installed it it doesn’t want to open it writes unexpected error occurred but i can receive messages but i can’t go status and other contacts

  9. hi

    I did this above steps and all went smoothly.
    Only problem i faced is that i am removed from all groups. I am no longer a participant in those groups.

    Any idea why that may have happened ?

  10. I am trying to login again again but Fmwhats app getting error..
    “You need the official what’s app to use for this account”
    Continue showing like that..
    What I have to do..

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