How to Get More Uber Trip Requests and Faster – Tips For Uber Drivers

How to Get More Uber Trip Requests and Faster – Tips For Uber Drivers

Increasing ones Uber Trip Requests ultimately means increased driving revenue for drivers. The algorithm used in assigning Uber drivers Trip Requests is still mysterious. While Uber is tight-lipped on how it assigns Uber drivers passenger trip requests, these tips and tricks will help you learn how to Get More Uber Trip Requests faster than other drivers. This post is intended to help Drivers in Kampala, Uganda but can work for all cities where Uber operates.

The Corona Virus Disease that brought the world to its knees literally, left people with little to spend. This economic breakdown means that people only hail Uber and other taxi services only when its inevitable so as to save the little cash at their disposal.

The other important effect of COVID19 on Uber drivers is that after several office employees lost their formal jobs, many of those who had small cars flooded the taxi-hailing business leading to an overflood of Uber drivers.

So let’s sum it up to say that there fewer travellers in a sea of drivers allover Kampala, even if I am certain the effect is the same in most major cities of the world since this is the effect of a pandemic.

Many Uber drivers are not getting enough trip requests to make enough money to break even. It’s therefore very important to try these tricks to see how you can increase Uber Tip requests thus boosting your revenue.

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How To Get Uber Trip Requests Faster

1 – Increase Your Driver Acceptance Rate.

Uber Acceptance rate is a calculation of percentage for the total number of trips you accepted vis a vis all Uber Trip Requests you were sent in a particular duration (normally a month).

When a request is sent out by Uber to a driver, uber give that particular driver up to 15 seconds to accept that trip. At the end of the fifteen seconds, the app will attempt to locate and assign that trip to another available driver.

In order to ensure that travellers get drivers in a timely manner, Uber prefers that the first driver assigned accepts the ride. Having many drivers refuse to accept trips means travellers will take longer waiting to be assigned drivers.

For that reason, if you are 10 drivers in one location (other factors constant) the driver with the highest acceptance rate will get Uber Trip Requests faster than other drivers.

2 – Lower Your Cancellation Rate.

Uber Cancellation rate is the percentage of the total number of trips you accepted but did not complete. Generally speaking, a trip is considered by Uber not complete if you accept it but for some reason you the driver cancels it before the trip is marked started. Ending a trip before its intended destination after you start it is not considered a cancellation.

When a driver cancels a trip, Uber does not only earn nothing but also means the passenger will have to wait longer to be assigned another driver.

Just like acceptance, Uber discourages cancellation by awarding trips to drivers who have a much smaller cancellation rate before those with a higher rate.

To know how to get your cancellation Rate head here.

3 – Maintain a higher Driver rating.

At the end of every trip taken by a Uber passenger, the passenger gets the opportunity to rate their ride experience out of a maximum of five stars.

The more star rating a driver gets the more Uber understands it as a driver who travellers like for good driving, discipline, hygiene etc etc.

When a driver maintains a higher star rating, they will most likely get trip requests faster than their low rated colleagues.

4 – Improve your Location Positioning.

Uber generally wants passengers to get on the go as fast as possible. The app will always try to locate a driver who potentially will pick up the passengers faster than the others. How far the driver is from the passenger is very important.

In order to get Uber trip requests faster, you may need to position yourself in locations that are closer to where you expect more passengers to be at a particular time.

It might be useful to position yourself in a residential area in the very early morning hours when passengers are heading to work. In the evening however, drivers near office places might get passengers faster.

It’s also a known secret among experienced drivers that cars in motion tend to pick up passenger trip requests faster than those packed. While I advise you to exploit this, desist from driving endlessly in search of passengers as your fuel bill will accumulate.

5 – Do Not Set Destinations When You Do Not Need them

Uber (in Kampala) allows its drivers to set at least two (Number varies per city) prefered destinations every day. When set, Uber will match incoming trip requests to drivers who are heading in the same destination.

If you set a destination it will narrow down the potential trips that could get assigned to you. You will only get Uber Trip Requests heading in the direction you set hence missing out on those heading elsewhere.

6 – Ensure your Phone has a good GPS service

Uber uses GPS not only to calculate fares but also to determine the distance between passenger and driver. While all phones that can install the Uber app have GPS, their ability to read GPS faster differs. If you are a driver with a slow response phone, chances are trips may not reach you as fast as your colleagues in the same area with much faster phones.

7 – Check your signal strength.

Positioning your self in places with a strong internet and Network strength will ensure you get trip requests a bit faster. The Uber app relies on your phone signal and data speed to function. If your network keeps on and off you may miss some uber trip requests.

8 – Do Not Keep Going On and Off

I do not know why but I have tested several times and discovered that drivers who keep going offline regularly take a bit longer to get new trip requests in areas where there are many Uber drivers. For you to prove this, if you drive for more than one app provider, you will notice that when you get a trip from lets say Uber, you will most likely get the next trip from Uber even when you switch on Bolt immediately trip one ends.

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