What Determines How Often Search Engines Crawl Your Website

You know how important it is for search engines to crawl your website. But what determines how often search engines crawl your website?

Search Engines Crawl Rate
Search Engines Crawl Rate

Google just like all other search engines have to crawl billions of pages on the internet. The task is certainly too big to be done on a daily basis for every website!

A very long period without google and other search engine bots crawling your website means that your pages will take longer to be indexed and no traffic will be sent to your pages!

So, what Determines How Often Search Engines Crawl Your Website and how can you improve your crawl rate?

1. Solve Server Errors and Speed.

Your server speed determines how long it will take for search engine bots to crawl your website. There are billions of web pages to be crawled, if your server takes long, the bots will start to take their time to crawl your page.

Server availability is also a major contributor. If your server keeps going off, it will discourage bots from crawling your site regularly. It’s important that whenever the search engine bots try to access your website, it’s online.

Fix all manual actions recommended in your google search console to improve your crawl rate and reduce how long it takes to have your web pages indexed.

Inbound or Backlinks improve your crawl rate. The more links pointing to your website, the more incidences of the bot getting back to your website.

While link building is a painful and very slow venture, it pays off really good in overall SEO and improved crawl rate.

If you have some pages that are already indexed and rank well, you can use it to link to other new pages. While linking internally, it’s important that you link to content that is related to what ranks high to improve relevance.

4. Submit Your Pages to Search Engines

If you use the Google search console, you can directly submit and ask the search engine to crawl your new pages.

To ask the search engine to crawl your website, you simply need to generate a sitemap and submit it in your google search console.

5. Frequent Site Update.

The frequency of your website update will determine your crawl rate. Ig the bots visit your site several times without finding anything new, they will increase the frequency at which they visit your website.

Websites that frequently change or add content tend to be visited quit frequently compared to static websites.

6. Share Your Content.

Sharing content on socials is a great way to get discovered. There are many tools on the internet that makes sharing very easy. Install some social share tools on your website and encourage your visitors to share.

7. Fix All your SEO Errors to Improve Search Engines Crawl Rate

Make sure you have SEO friendly links. Write great titles that are SEO friendly and have the Keyword you wish to rank with. The title should make it easy to know what the posts are all about.

Adding a good description will also improve your SEO efforts. The more SEO friendly your content is, the more likely the crawl bots will be happy to come back sooner.

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