How To Buy A Domain That’s Already Registered 

One of the hard parts of getting your online presence on the right track is getting the right domain name that resonates with your company name and the services it offers.

Oftentimes, companies will start by locally registering a company namewith their local authorities then get to registering a domain namelater.

Yesthat is the normal way to go about it but the challenge comes whenyou actually find out that the domain name that reechos your companyname and brand is actually taken by someone.

Sois there a way to get a domain name that is already registered bysomeone else?

Wellthe quick answer is neither an absolute YES or a resounding NO. Iwill say it depends. The one thing I will say on good authoritythough is that if you manage to, you will be buying the domain at ahigher price than the ongoing market value.

Sohow do you know if a domain that is already registered can be sold toyou?

Thefirst thing you will need to know is who owns the domain and howreputable they are. Lets say you want to buy

For those that may not know, the domains and are maintained by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, IANA, for documentation purposes. They have been reserved for the common good and they may be used as illustrative examples in documents without prior coordination with  IANA.

Becausethis domain has been reserved for the good of everyone, its mostlikely that you will not be able to get it at any cost. Other domainsmay not be as impossible to buy but their net worth might be too highfor your budget.

Letssay for example that you want to buy Facebook (thecompany) exists almost solely because of the domain facebook.comselling the domain is as good as selling the company! So if youattempt to register their domain they would sale it to you as thoughthey were selling the entire business and it would be extremelyexpensive for them to consider any offers.

Butnot all domains are that hard to get. If you are looking at muchcheaper but registered domains, the first thing you will need to dois find out if there is a website associatedwith your domain of choice.

Somedomainers and speculators normally look for domains of value andregister them with the aim of selling them at a slightly higher feeto make a profit. Such domains normally have no websites associatedwith them but may be parked by the registrar.

Whenyou get such a domain the best way to proceed is to backorder thedomain throughyour domain registrar of choice. If you do not know what backordermeans, you may need to talk to your domain registrar and ask them tobuy the domain name for you.

Thecurrent registrarwould then ask for your offer and if he has more than one personinterested you would have to do an auction where the highest biddertakes the domain.

Butbecause the cost is a bit high, if it doesn’treally mean a lot to you, finding an alternative domain name oranother extension might be the cheaper way than trying to buy analready registered domain name.

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