Best Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Best Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

We shall Explore how you can increase traffic to your website. If you are a new website owner, you are probably wondering, “ok the site is done but how do I increase my web traffic?” Needless to tell you is the more website traffic you get, the more customers! Its must then be every one’s desire to drive web traffic to websites because we all need to make some money. The methods discussed here should be relatively easy to perform but you can alsways hire an expert to do it for you.

Broad Methods Used to Increase Web Traffic

There are many tricks, methods and hack on how to go about this. These can broadly be broken into two categories. You can choose between the free, slow but organic way, or the faster, costly and to many, unsustaniable way – unless you are a money bag.

Personally, I prefer the organic way of increasing traffic even though it can be painfully slow to get any results worth celebrating. The beauty with this method is that when the traffic finally starts building up, it keeps going to the sky. But I will not bias you beyond this.

In this artcle, we will go through all the methods both paid and free. I shall not waste any more of your time.

Grow Traffic Through Content.

You need to create Memorable Content. The one thing I can tell you without the fear of contradiction is that there are many things that can attract website vistors. The Onle and ONLy factor that will keep them coming back though is the quality of content on your website.

You must make sure your website content is written for people not search engenes. Make sure its authentic and addressing a real problem that someone out there could be interested in.

There is always the question of quatinty vs quality. Do you need a few high quality pages or many low quality ones? If you can, keep on the quality side while trying to improve quantity in the long term. If for example you dedicated yourself to Just one high quality post every day, in a month you will have 30 high quality content pages that will be more than someone that has 100 low quality pages.

While content quality is very important, the tone of your content should be an added advantange. Blogs for evample tend to be more conversational to keep a fairly lazy audience reading along. A website dedicated to Law may not use this conversational tone! Know your audeince and deliver memorable

Finally on this matter, I know the importance of clickbaits but avoid misleading clickbaits. If you trick a visitor to think they are going to read about A but find the post is about X they will be disappointed and may never return.

Improve Your Keyword Research and Performance.

It is always very important to include relevant keywords in your content. Now do not hurry to stuff your content with keywords as that is punishable by Google. Let the natural flow of words leaqd you to the key aspect of the topic you are writing about.  Your article should be helpful to the user. Too much use of Keywords, also called keyword stuffing distructs your readers from the main idea under discussion. Make sure you use your keywords in the meta description, the page title, the URL, headers and a few times in your article.

You may employ tools like Google adsense keyword search to see which keywords are competitive and useful in increasing traffic for you. There are also a few tools that perform competitor keyword research. Tools like Moz, Ahrefs and SEMrush perform competitor keyword research. Knowing what your competition is positioning for will help you know what you should focus on.

Find a nitch, Satisfy it and stick to it.

This essensially means identifying what audience you will be appealing to and concentrating on content they are interested in. There basically two ways you can go about it. You can do this by completely limiting your entire website content to a specific nitch or classifying your broad content into nitch categories.

Lets use this website for example. This website is a broad based knowledgebase. You will notice however that when you are reading lets say this article that is about increasing traffic to your website, ONLY recomendations related to improving SEO for your websites will show in the recomended to read prompts.

The aim is to engage users with similar contentof interest that we think will be of value. Some one else is reading about relationships on this same website and they are not going to see this post UNLESS they search and therefore change the type of information they need to see. This way, we are staying a broadbased website but grouping our content into nitch categories.

The idea behind a nitch audience is that its easy for readers to remember where they can find such content the next time they need it. In your mind, I am sure that you never go to Facebook when you need search engine services. In the same way, when you need loose social engaggements, you dont go to google. What is it that someone will remember your website content for?

Add A Newsletter to your Website.

newsletter is a tool used by businesses and organizations to share relevant and valuable information with their network of customers, prospects or in your case, website visitors. A newsletter summerizes the key content on your website in a specific timeframe and presents it to potential consumers.

What is a purpose of a newsletter?

Ideally, a newsletter is meant to to promote a product, service or specific content on a website. Newsletters create direct individual touch point with your email subscribers. This often improves post opening rate and click through rate. It can also help to increase new subscribers. For the many lazy readers, the newsletter will keep remindding them about your brand.

Write Guest Posts to Increase Traffic.

One other method that will both increase traffic to your website while also increasing your backlinks is guest writing. Writing guest posts on topics that relate to the main content on your website can generate traffic to your site. Writing Guest posts will show your potential vistors that you are an authority on the topic and also active in the specific nitch you are writing for. Of course, the mow you write, the more you generate backlinks.

In order to be successful, you need to develop a strategy that will make website owners want to post your content. One good strategy is to find a website in the nitch you write for but one that you are not direct cometitors. You will need to write a high quality, authentic and carefully worded blog post. Now you can contact the website owner and pitch for a blog post on their website. Web masters are usually intrigued with a guest pitch if it shows you have done research  and identified gaps in their content that you can close with your post.

You should not try to pitch one guest post you have previously used on another website to another. You should generally write an authentic guest post for every successful pitch you get. Always remember to check the website domain authority and study their guest posting guidelines before you write your pitch.

Connect Social Media Pages to Your Website and Keep Active

The world has moved to the social. There are millions and millions of hungry content consumers every day on social media. Social media is huge for attracting visitors. Here are some ways it should be used to increase website traffic:

  • Post content you consider top notch across your social media platforms
  • The links in your bio should point to some of your highly consumed content.
  • If you know an influencer who likes your type of content, tag them.
  • Occassionally, Change a cover photo to promote new high quality content
  • Interact with followers by replying to them. Encourage a two way communication with your followers.

Add Some Paid Advertising to Increase Traffic.

If you want some very fast results, consider increasing website traffic with paid advertising. Paid adverts increase traffic to your website almost instantly. My personal favorite is Google adsense and Facebook adverts. The choice is really yours. There are many other advertising channels you may target depending on your need. With Adsense, Google search engines adverts, you can run pay-per-click or retargeting ads. With social media you can run display ads or sponsored posts. You will benefit more if you combine multiple advertising strategies if you have enough budget for that.

Add content share buttons to your Content

Social share buttons like the ones on the right of this page are very useful in driving traffic. Social share button make it easy to share good content with friends and our social groups. With social share buttons and a good content, your content can quickly go viral in many social circles.

Collaborate with Influencers

Working with brands that are already established will always get you some extra attention. Of course in most cases it comes with a cost but it might be worth it. Getting an influencer to work with on some specific promotions or generally being your brand ambassodor will help you tap into their followers. Carefully examine the influencer to be sure they appeal to the type of audience you are looking for.

One good trick to tap into their audience without actually paying them is to write good content you are sure they will like and then tag them. They will most likely share on their socials and you will get some traffic and post your SEO efforts.

Community Engagements Increase Traffic

You might need to dirrectly engage your visitors with straight forward call to action requests. Do not feel afraid to ask expressly that your vistors share what they think about the use of say a newsletter in improving SEO ranking.

This is probably the most important in boosting your SEO effort but also the hardest. Getting high quality backlinks is not a walk in the park. However its doable. Of course you can buy linkbacks but I highly do not recomend. Most high quality websites may not even be willing to be bought for linking back. Secondly, not every linkback is good for you. Low authority linkbacks can instead plung you down the drain and cost you all your SEO efforts.

If you continuously write good quality content and use all the other methods used here, you will start reaching people who truely appriciate your content. These people will, without even asking them, link to the articles they found interesting. But dont fear to ask! If you think someone has a good artcle you could politely ask if they could link to a similar post on your website.

One of the things I would avoid while implementing a backlink strategy is link exchange programs. If you want a full guide on implementing an SEO strategy, consider reading article on – Search Engine Optimization – SEO Beginner’s Guide.

Increase Web Traffic through Content Repurposing

Sometimes coming up with fresh content that stands out can be hard. You might search and search and still not come up with any great idea. On such days, look at what has previously worked. It might be a radio program that went viral. It could be a podcast or youtube video that countinues to attract attention. It could even be your old post that got you loads of traffic. Get it and write a new artcle and tailor it to a specific purpose. For example if I had one on How to Make Huge Money in 2022 I could twick it a little and write a new one that deals with 5 sure methods that still make you money in 2023! Be cleaver not to reproduce (copy and paste) the old artcle and you will get new traffic.

Adopt some SEO Tools to Improve your Perfomance

The eye is good but you need some kind of tool to help you. Tools like Google research Consol, Google analytics, Yoast etc are good for you. These tools will help you test things in many ways. They will even remind you of things that may not be going well. As you know the old adage, if something is not measured then its is not managable. To be in control of the direction your website is taking, you must keep measuring and adjusting.

Yes internal links help. They help guests discover new and interesting content. They also help google index freshly published content. You need to have an internal link strategy that will help both humans and robots discover new content. Take a look at this page, The Linked “You might also read” is designed to increase the CTR – click through rate and help you discover related material thats useful to the content on this page.

Optimize your free Google Business Profile

According to the Google main website, you can Turn people who find you on Google Search and Maps into new customers for free. Fill out your google business profile you you will see the magic. The one thing without a doubt is that your Google business profile will always have more views than your own website. Making sure its complete with a link to your website will increase traffic to your website.

Perform on-page SEO

Good On-page SEO optimization can help your website rank higher in search engines and bring in more traffic. Some on-page SEO elements include your page title, header, meta description, image alt-text, and the URL slag. If you do this for every page you publish, it will pay you off with more traffic to your website.

Add hashtags in your posts to Increase Traffic

One very powerful tool that many webmasters never exploit are hast tags. These are a very powerful way to discover content thats similar in taste with another. You can use tags to group content that might appeal to the same cluster of people. This website for example uses tags to render related conted in-text! If you are careful what tag you assign a post, your visitors will be served with very useful suggestions on what they could enjoy reading next.

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