Is Uganda a dangerous country?

Uganda is probably the most stable and safest country in the Great Lakes region. Let’s examine one by one factor that would be considered in determining a dangerous destination.

Possible Terror Attack

The country has enjoyed great stability save for that unfortunate terror attack way back in July 2010.

While there have been a few terror alerts over the years, no attack has been effected in Uganda. The Populace has been very vigilant reporting suspicious people and items and made it impossible for attackers to successfully carry out any attack.

Is there any ongoing War in Uganda?

Since the end of Joseph Kony’s LRA rebel activities, there has been general stability in the whole country with no active war.

The ADF largely operating from DR Congo have attempted to recruit on a few occasions but the army and intelligence agencies have been quick to quell that too.

How Safe Are Uganda’s Roads?

The genuine source of worry for anyone traveling to Uganda for the first time is road safety.

While many roads have been upgraded, many still have pot halls and the general lighting of roads outside the city centers is almost non-existent.

There is also a tendance by some drivers especially commercial taxi drivers and Motor Bike riders to flout traffic rules which might be a point of concern, especially, to a foreign driver.

For someone visiting Uganda for the first time, it might be safer to use a local driver who understands both the roads and the driving behavior of the drivers on the road.

Are you safe from possible Kidnap

While kidnap of tourists had never been heard of in Uganda, there was an unfortunate case of kidnap in 2019.

A tourist and her guide were taken by kidnappers but rescued a few days unhurt, scared but safe.

So is it safe to visit Uganda?

Without a doubt, Uganda is a very safe place for anyone visiting.

Needless to say, anyone visiting the country for the first time has things to have in mind. Personal safety has nothing to do with general security.

A Pickpocket will most likely try to snatch a handbag from a foreigner than from a National and that is not particular to Uganda but the world over.

Moving in the night in downtown might be something to avoid but these are general personal safety practices that have nothing to do with the general security of the country.

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