What is the meaning of Kamunye?
The word Kamunye is a Luganda word that means eagle. The Eagle is the common name for many large birds of prey of the family Accipitridae.

In Uganda, however, the word Kamunye is largely used to refer to shared public 14 seater commuter taxis normally of Toyota Hiace make.

The word Kamunye is sometimes used interchangeably with another word Kigege even though the two do not actually mean the same.

Kamunye generally refers to all 14 seater public taxis while the Kigege was just one model of such taxis.

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  2. What is the distinction given in Luganda language between EMPUNGU and KAMUNYE, both being birds of prey. What is the distinctive difference of each one of them in the English language?


    1. Timothy, Both Kamunye and Empungu belong to the broad Eagle family. But since you want the technical difference I will make a clearer explanation with Two English words. I wish I could just post for you Images It would be absolutely clear but am using a phone to respond so I can not do that.

      Technically speaking Kamunye is a Hawk. A bird from the eagle family often with black and white small dotted feathers. Empungu on the other hand refers to the typical Eagle. This bird normally has somewhat black and brownish feathers usually with a pure white neck and head. I am not sure that puts it to bed but If it doesn’t I will be glad to add pictures here when I am on my laptop.

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