This article teaches you the meaning and how to practice Kunyaza sex styleWhat is the meaning of Kunyaza?
The word Kunyaza is an Ankole word which means squirting.

As opposed to prostate(female) ejaculation otherwise known as creaming, Kunyaza involves the gushing of water (clear non-smelly fluid) either before, during or even after ejaculation!

The word Kunyaza means making someone Kunyaara which means “to urinate” Kunyaaza can therefore mean making someone urinate.

Its a common sex practice among the Banyankore, Bakiga and other tribed from western Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania, DR Congo and Rwanda.

Kunyaza is also called kakyabali in Luganda and informally referred to as “Western Jazz” a slang coined due to its prevalence in western Uganda.

This sexual act is carried out by the male partner first stimulates the woman by repeatedly tapping the labia minora of the female with his penis.

After immense stimulation, the man then proceeds to stimulate the inner lining with shallow thrusts into the vagina commonly called gucuga.

Repeated stimulation of the clitoris, vulval vestibule, labia minora and the vaginal opening are very key in this sexual practice than pumping in and out.

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