Lyft Driver Accounts For Sale on The Black Market

Lyft Driver Accounts For Sale on The Black Market

There are Lyft Driver Accounts For Sale and Hire on The Black Market . A research on the dark net has revealed pat popular Dark Net marketplace vendor Genesis Pax is offering Lyft and Uber Driver’s Accounts for pay.

What is Lyft

Lyft is an American ridesharing app that operates in both the USA and Canada. The application connects passengers looking for a ride with drivers who have a car. Just like Uber, the passengers use a rider application while the drivers have a driver application.

Why Buy a Lyft Driver Account.

For verious reasons, Lyft can suspend a driver either temporarily or even permanently. If a driver is suspended permanently, they may not drive again for Lyft. This is why hackers have decided to make driver accounts and sell them to such drivers who may not qualify to get their own accounts approved by the Rideshare companies. Some of the reasons a driver may be suspended include fraud, bad rider rating, driving under the influence, possession of a felony among others.

Selling Your Driver Account.

A search has established that GenesisPax does not only sell but also buys driver accounts from willing sellers. The price for selling ones account is negotiable but generally ranges from $50 to anywhere below $500.

How Fraudsters Get Lyft Accounts For Sale.

Fraudsters may buy accounts from willing sellers but we suspect these are isolated cases. The most plausible ways are two. These fraudsters may simply hack into drivers’ accounts and sign them out. Change login details and sell the accounts on the dark net. The second method is to steal identity of US nationals and use the information to create new driver accounts which are later sold.

Where To Buy a Lyft Driver Account

The vendor also operates on telegram under the handle GenesisPax. The link to the channel is

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