How To Make Money Online & Offline In Uganda 2023

Make Money Online
Make Money Online

These are the 21 ways To Make Money Online & Offline In Uganda. We include both legitimate and illegal ways to Make Money Online & Offline. (We keep Adding)

If you want 21 ways to make money without any capital in Uganda you are in the right place.

These tips will help you make some money. The level of success will most likely depend on how committed you are to them and how much thought you put in to make things work for you. Do not copy and paste, look for something that works for you and customize it to fit your capabilities. Monkeyism will not set you apart of the competition.

Certainly, I am not a believer in getting rich without doing anything. Working online does not mean you are not doing any work yet earning. You must stay dedicated and have time invested in your online efforts if you are to make millions of money working online. No one becomes a billionaire doing nothing unless its in the movies.

1. Join Uber

You can join Uber and drive travelers in your town. Currently Uber is only available in Kampala. You will Make Money by driving other people within the city.

VERDICT: It’s 100% legal.

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2. Share Accommodation – AirBnB

Airbnb is a platform where you share accommodation. If you have some spare rooms in your house you could put it up for rent.

Some travellers prefer to stay with people other than staying alone in the hotel. Listing your rooms on Airbnb will attract such tourists. You can Make Money Online, especially in Kampala with Airbnb.

VERDICT: It’s 100% legal.

3. Start A blog and Monetize

Write awesome content. Bloggers get paid through ad networks.  If you have some good and useful content (like this one you are reading) you will be paid by ad networks like Adsense.  Some of these adverts are paid by views while others are by clicks.

If you have many visitors. Monetize your content and you will be smiling your way to the bank. The key is to write good authentic content not a mere copy and paste. It will take a long while before you gain authority and attract enough traffic but if you don’t give up you will get there.

VERDICT: It’s 100% legal.

4. Earn from Youtube

If you have great content, you can apply to be paid by youtube. Depending on how many views you get, youtube will pay you for your traffic.

Create awesome content and monetize it on youtube to earn money. The more your youtube video is watched the more you get paid.

The trick is to have content you hold the copyright to. Do not post other people’s work as it will get you banned by google.

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Record tutorials, or other things of interest that others will find useful and you will get the views.

VERDICT: It’s 100% legal.

5. Turn your car into a billboard

There companies that pay you for displaying their adverts on your car. You can choose to display adverts on your car and get paid for it.

If you would like to earn money displaying adverts on your car consider contacting Brand Active to discuss available offers.

VERDICT: It’s 100% legal.

6. Start a day Kids Care

Do you love kids? You can Make Money by looking after what you love! Many parents are busy and do not have time to look after their kids.

You can look after kids and get paid for it by parents that do not have time to do it. The best part is that you can do this at home.

This, however, is a very hectic way to earn money if you do not truly love kids.

VERDICT: It’s 100% legal.

7. Become A broker

People are looking for products and services. From rental items like houses, cars, tents, chairs, bridal items you can make a cut linking providers to clients.

You could set up a Facebook page or website that lists such products and earn a commission when you get a client.

Talk to providers like bakers, car sellers, landlords, restaurants to give you a discount for clients you recommend so that you can grow the numbers faster with some promotions.

VERDICT: It’s 100% legal.

8. Clean For others

Kampala is full of young corporates who would use a hand with some house chores. You can earn some money offering your self to clean for others.

You may also consider starting a company where you hire cleaners and deploy them to clean for clients. The downside of this, however, is that the cleaners will form private arrangements with your clients and steal your clients.

VERDICT: It’s 100% legal.

9. Become a Social Media Influencer

Many companies are looking for influencers to improve their sales. If you have a talent, use it to attract large numbers of followers then use the numbers to promote brands and products for a fee.

Getting meaningful numbers that are worth attracting paying brands is not going to be easy but if you really have great posts and a special talent you will gradually get the numbers.

You may also initially think of investing some little money to promote your own page to attract these numbers before you try to market it to brands.

VERDICT: It’s 100% legal.

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10. Sale A Kidney or Organ

Saling one’s kidney or organ is a sure way to get some money. Hey, but it’s very illegal too! While you are thinking but it’s mine, why not sale it? Organ trade is very illegal.

World wide you can not openly sell your organs. By selling your organ you will most likely get arrested and get locked up for life for breaking the law!

This should not be a choice but if you are this immoral and don’t care about the serious negative consequences to your life, you will get rich!

VERDICT: It’s 100% illegal and you will most likely end up dead or with life-threatening conditions.

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11. Wash other’s Car

If you are a security guard, you can earn more money by offering to wash cars for the people you guard.

You can also just start a mobile car wash service where you wash people’s cars from their own homes or offices. All you need is to have a small bag to carry what you need!

You will be using their water so you don’t have a lot of overhead costs. Offer to wash at a relatively lower price and you will get loads of call-in clients.

VERDICT: It’s 100% legal.

12. Offer Delivery Services

If you own a motorbike, talk to restaurants, shops and other product providers to have a poster with your number at their premises to offer delivery services for them.

Talk to estate owners to allow you pin-up posters at their premises so residents can call you when they need delivery services.

Stay diligent and offer a personal service and you will get lots of recommendations and in return
Make Money in Kampala.
VERDICT: It’s 100% legal.

13. Start a Ponzi Scheme.

This is illegal but I am sure half the people reading this would break the law to make money online. There is a good chance (90% Chance) you will end up in prison for fraud but for knowledge sake, I will tell you.

Ugandans want to Easily Make Money and Quickly. They jump at every opportunity to earn money without working.

From Telexfree, cryptocurrency, Aim Global to One Thor, Ugandans never stop falling for fake money deals. They will risk it all if you promise them to earn easy money online.

To make it believable you will have to pay some first comers and they will form an army to recruit more Ugandans into fake money deals.

An attractive self-service website is going to be a bonus to get them running.

VERDICT: It’s 100% illegal and will have cops on your back within weeks.

14. Develop branding Ideas

Corporate brands are always looking for ideas to better their brands. They want to drive more sales and position themselves on top of mind for potential buyers.

You can make some money creating promotional ideas that you then pitch and sale to these brands. There are many copywriters earning some fair money off writing adverts ideas for corporate companies.

If you truly have some kick-ass ideas, you will get paid. You will need to gain some marketing skills too to successfully Pitch your ideas to these companies.

VERDICT: It’s 100% legal.

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15. Join Geo-Poll

Geo-poll is a research firm that sometimes gives some incentives for research participants. You may follow them and take part in some paid research studies.

You can also offer to work as a research assistant to help in gathering research data.

VERDICT: It’s 100% legal.

16. Become a Mufere

You can Make Money Online by becoming a mufere – fraud. A mufere is a criminal who uses deception to gain financial or personal gain by false pretence.

You may lie and confuse others to gain financial value. There hundreds of these in Kampala posing as brokers and Landlords and stealing money from would-be tenants only to disappear in thin air.

If you are looking for services online you must exercise caution otherwise there are bafere allover the internet plotting to steal your money!

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Some will call you out of nowhere telling you how you got lucky and won money from a promotion you never even joined. The hook, of course, is that you must send them a certain amount of money to process your won cash. Be alert someone is just trying to Make Money Online.

VERDICT: It’s 100% illegal.

17. Become a Gym Instructor

There are lots of non-communicable diseases in Uganda. If you are physically fit, you could use that to help others who are facing the danger of lifestyle diseases.

You can turn into a lifestyle coach and offer gym instructions to those who need it.

You do not have to be a professional all you need is to be fit and you will get clients. Regularly record workout clips and share in Whatsapp groups. Create a youtube channel and share workout demos. Do not forget to add a contact number for those who may need your services.

VERDICT: It’s 100% legal.

18. Become a Professional Baker

If you have some baking skills, its time to go professional. Become a commercial baker making cakes and other products for a fee.

If there is anything that has a ready market, its good food. If you are a good baker you will easily get repeat clients and recommendations.

VERDICT: It’s 100% legal.

19. Gift advisor

Have you ever gone out to buy a gift for someone? Do you know how hard that was for you to choose a thing? If you have ideas you can turn them into revenue! Help others get them gifts and charge them for it!

VERDICT: It’s 100% legal.

20. Become a Money lender.

We are coming from covid19. Many businesses will struggle to make ends meet. If you have some spare cash, you can lend it out with an interest! Moneylenders charge up to 25%  for a single month in Uganda.

However, if you do not think through this business well you will end up with many bad debts and losses.

VERDICT: It’s 100% legal.

If you know some other way to Make Money Online or Offline, we would love to hear from you in the comment section.

21. Try Short Selling

Short Selling is a term used to mean selling something you actually do not own! And yes you can legally sell something you don’t own. Most online shops like Amazon, eBay, OLX, Jumia, Jiji don’t own the things they sale! They are just advertising things owned by others! There are two main ways you can go about Short Selling.

a) Set up an online shop that sells products owned by other people. Enter into an agreement with the owners so you will be working like their sales agent. Proceed and sell the products as your own while the product owner handles the stocking and delivery. You are paid, you pay the owner and make a commission.

b) You can also make money by short selling in the equity markets without actually owning any shares of stock. In this method, you would act as a stockbroker, borrow stock you do not ownselling the borrowed stock, and then buying and returning the stock only if and when the price drops.


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  2. I live in the US, but have a friend from Kampala (Or maybe a suburb.) The man is a teacher but is off now due to the Pandemic and has been out of work . However, he has coached a football (soccer) team and has an innate ability to teach kids. I am wondering if you can give me some tips about what he might do, using those young men as a work force that would bring money to him and the team members. Here in the states money can be made doing window washing, house cleaning etc. I just don’t know what opportunities are offered in Uganda.

    1. Great to hear from you. You do not mention how young the lads are. The first challenge I see is that most likely working with those lads would be considered child labor and therefore illegal.

      If that is the case as I suppose bit is, turning the training into a full soccer academy that attracts the affluent children to pay up and meet the bills would be my first option in monetizing your friend’s training skills.

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