How to Make More Money From Uber in Uganda After COVID19

Make More Money From Uber
Make More Money From Uber

This will help you learn How to Make More Money From Uber in Uganda After COVID19

Regardless of whether you were a Uber driver before COVID19 or you wish to join now, you will need tricks on how to Make More Money From Uber.

Needless to say, the COVID19 pandemic has shattered many financial dreams and one needs to be strategic to survive the harsh monetary consequences.

Currently, uber allows car owners to subscribe and offer to drive people in Kampala for a fee. This presents a great opportunity to make some money and actually might present the breakthrough that you have long waited!

Truth be told, if you are planning to make money driving uber in Kampala, it’s not going to be an easy ride. You will need strategies and tricks that will help you run a successful uber business in Kampala.

The reputation of Uber drivers has been going down over the months. Issues of theft and at worst rape have made the travellers fear to hook on to the next available Uber ride in Kampala. You will need a stone-hard strategy to stand out and Make More Money From Uber in Kampala.

So How do you make Make More Money From Uber in Uganda?

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1. Seize the Opportunity.

Whichever way you look at it, public transport will take a long while to get back to normal if it ever does. Boda Boda is high risk for COVID19 so if Kamunye Taxis.

Until there is a vaccine, the fear to catch the virus from public means will leave travellers scared to leave their homes if they own no private means of transport.

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Obviously, Uber is a public means of transport too. there will be fear to use Uber too. Fortunately, because the Uber cars are smaller, they are easier to sanitize, keep cleaner and offer a safer mode of transport than the chaotic Boda Bodas and Matatu 14 seater Taxis.

If you want to Make More Money From Uber, you will have to ensure the maximum level of observance of the safety guidelines both for yourself and your travellers.

Your travellers will need to see, feel and smell the fact that your safety-conscious. Yes, I mean smell. The scent of Deto soap is a reassurance that you are not taking their safety for granted.

Wear personal protective gear while you drive, keep sanitiser and use it before anyone boards your car, and keep the car extremely clean at all times. The travellers do not care if you fall sick or not but they know if you fall sick you will infect them. By taking extra care to stay safe you are taking extra care not to infect them.

2. Be 100 Percent Honest.

To Make More Money From Uber you need to make many rides every single day. The one reason people do not trust Uber drivers is that they are dishonest. They will rob their travellers sometimes, rape them, start the ride before they even reach the traveller and many other ways.

Make the difference, shock your travellers with extreme honesty and they will be asking for your number to call you directly over and over. You will are sure to Make More Money From Uber if the travellers trust you!

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3. Request for a positive Review

Don’t be shy. If you did a good job the traveller will not refuse to give it to you. After the ride is over request them to give you a 5/5 positive review.

Travellers tend to check out other’s reviews to gain trust. Getting more positive reviews will Make you get More Money From Uber. Travellers will trust you more and feel comfortable to ride with you!

4. Know where to be at the right time.

If you want to Make More Money From Uber you must master locations. Uber serves riders according to where they are at the time of request from traveller. If you are far from the traveller then you will not be served.

To make more money you will need to position yourself nearer where potential travellers could be at a given time.

It might be futile to wake up very early in the morning to position yourself in the middle of the city as there very few potential travellers leaving the city. Study the movement trends of your location and position yourself accordingly.

5. Drive During Busy Hours

It’s proven that you make more money from busy rush hours than other times. People also tend to leave their personal cars in the parking in busy hours to jump on to Uber.

Driving during pick hours will ensure you Make More Money From Uber.

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6. Increase your hours of Availability

Most Uber drivers do it as a part-time side income. Many of them are available over the weekend. The more hours you make yourself available the higher the chances you will Make More Money From Uber.

7. Offer Great Customer Care

Help out when your traveller needs help before being asked. Politely ask if they would prefer to tune into a particular radio station. Let them be part of the decision to take a particular route instead of another.

8. Do not chat with travellers who wish to maintain their silence.

We have all used a boda boda guy. They yup from the time you site on their bike to the point of disembarking. It’s annoying when all you want is to think through some personal thoughts running in your mind.

While travellers may want a friendly driver who talks to them than a gloomy one, you need to asses and know when its right to talk to your traveller and when to let them mind their business.

It’s a good trick to allow your traveller to do more talking than you do. Listen to them so they do not feel they are talking to themselves but only contribute what’s necessary.

People generally love to be listened to than to be talked to. Do more listening than talking.









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  2. Having read all da steps on how u can improve your earnings in uber ,am ready to enter da business coz it has always been my dream job,thanks..

    1. Thank you for appreciating. As for any new business, you will need to take time to perfect how Uber works for you to get money. Feel free to ask us at any point to help you learn more on how you can improve your earnings driging Uber.

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