US Bank Account – Open a US Account From Uganda Online

US Bank Account – Open a US Account From Uganda Online

You are here because you are looking for a way to Open a US Bank Account while you are in Uganda. You need an online solution that will quickly enable you have a Bank Account in the United States and instantly get paid.

Whatever the reason for your need to have a US Bank Account opened online, we have the right information. I just a few minutes you will know how to open up a US  account without being a US citizen or residing in America.

These Non Residence US bank accounts work just like your local bank and you will be able to send and receive dollars once your US Checking account is fully setup and approved.

So, How do You Open a US Bank Account

There are several methods and applications that you can use to get your self a USA bank account even if you do not stay in the US. I will review some here.


Open a US Bank Account with Wise
Open a US Bank Account with Wise Formerly TransferWise

Wise is a London-based financial technology company founded by Estonian businessmen Kristo Käärmann and Taavet Hinrikus in January 2011.

Wise Allows you to have a US Checking account. You can also request to have a UK Pound account among many others.

Creating a wise account is very easy. You will be asked to feel in your personal KYC information and your National ID and you are good to go.

To activate your Wise account, you need to deposit UGX 88,500 to your account from your Visa or Mastercard. The deposited money is your money and you can withdraw it after if you so wish.

With your active wise account, you will be able to send and receive money from your virtual bank account. You get a Bank account based in the US that you can share with whoever wants to pay you!

The only draw bank is that you can not withdraw money from the ATM at the moment as no card is available for use in Uganda at the time.

To withdraw money from your wise  Account, you will have to make a transfer to your local bank.

By the way, if you sign up through this Link you will get one free transaction upto $500.


Payoneer is an American financial services company that provides online money transfer. Payoneer also offers digital payment services and provides customers with working capital.


When you signup with payoneer, you get a US bank account and can send and receive money. On top of that, you can also ask for payment from fellow payoneer account holders.

If you are in the gig economy like freelancer and fivver, payoneer can integrate seamlessly so you get paid and cash out.

The one big advantage about using payoneer over wise is that payoneer sends you a physical ATM card and you can withdraw from any Stanbic Bank ATM in Uganda!

With Payoneer, when you signup and start using the service, you will actually earn a free $25 after you send or receive $200. To qualify for this you must sign up using this Link.

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