10 Best Radio Station WordPress Plugins For Your Radio Website

As of January 2020, there are over 44,000 radio stations in the world. Over 70% of these
radio stations have an online website. These Radio Station WordPress Plugins will turn your Radio Website into a beautiful Online Radio Website.
In this article, I explore the best WordPress Plugins both free and premium WordPress plugins to light up your Radio Station Website.
Please note that adding these plugins to an awesome Radio Station WordPress theme will even give you better results ahead of your competition.
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Best Radio Station WordPress Plugins

1. Radio Station Free

Radio Station plugin from NetMix is an awesome radio show scheduling plugin that will help you easily schedule all your radio shows on your website.

Your website visitors will then be able to see the show on air at the moment, and also see what is coming up next and in how long.

The Radio Station Plugin is a full kit you need to have all show details clearly and cleanly added to your Radio Station Website. The plugin also supports adding Schedule Overrides for specific dates and times, and adds the ability to associate users (given a role of “Host” or “Producer”) to Shows. This is all you need to organise and display your radio shows on your website.

2. WP Radio Player – Free and Paid

WP Radio Player
WP Radio Player
If you would like to add a worldwide Radio Directory t your website within a few Clicks, WP Radio Player is your best solution.
WP Radio is a Worldwide Radio Station Directory Player Plugin for WordPress. The plugin has both a free and a Premium version.
The Free version limits the number of stations to automatically Import while the premium version imports over 45,000 radio stations from across the world.
I have tested the free version but it seems to significantly slow down the website. The paid version, however, works just fine.
The free version does not play well streams that do not have SSL certificates so you will need to fork out some $49 for the commercial version.
3. Radio Puls – Free
This Radio Station WordPress Plugin can add a selected radio station of your choice and adds them to your website.
This is a great plugin that you can use to add a radio player on your site in a few seconds. You and your website visitors will be able to listen to your favourite radio stations and enjoy music with Radio Puls.
Sadly, as of May 2020, the plugin had not been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress even though it still worked very well.
Hero Shoutcast and Ice Cast
Hero Shoutcast and Ice Cast
This Radio WordPress Plugin will place a radio player on your website.
The player plays a variety of radio stream types like ShoutCast, IceCast, AzuraCast. and RadioJar.
5. Quran RadioFree
Quran Radio
Quran Radio
This WordPress plugin will help you add a Quran translation function to your WordPress through this plugin.
The Quran Radio WordPress plugin allows you to add a widget that plays an online Radio station
for the translation of the meaning of the Quran in more than 40 languages.
6. Rock & Pop RadioFree
If you are a Rock and Pop lover and you want your website visitors to have their Rock and pop music then this is your Plugin.
This plugin will have your website buzzing with the Rock and Pop that you love.
7. FnF.FM RadioFree
FnF.FM Radio
FnF.FM Radio
This is another great radio plugin for websites with Arabic and Moslem audiences.
FnF.FM is an Online Radio Station that can be used as either a widget or Shortcode. You will be able to engage your visitors on your website with great Arabic and Islamic content.

8. Kast – Extraordinary SHOUTcast Paid

Kast - Extraordinary SHOUTcast
Kast – Extraordinary SHOUTcast
The Kast WordPress radio plugin is a SHOUTcast HTML5 Sticky Radio Player for your WordPress website. The plugin allows you to stream your radio across a wide range of devices.
Kast allows you to stream your live radio station to your web visitors on Desktops, Tablets and Mobile devices. This is a pure HTML5 audio player that has the capacity to play all SHOUTcast Versions. This means that with this WordPress Radio plugin you can Play any SHOUTcast station.
The downside of this plugin is its cost. You will have to part with a huge cut of $189.

Luna Web Radio is an HTML5 live stream player radio in the fourth generation, playing all MPEG-Audio and AAC-Audio streams and is written in JavaScript compatible with iOS, Android and supports all browsers Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE and Opera
If you are interested in this plugin, you will have to cough a whole $29.
Sticky Radio Player WordPress Plugin
Sticky Radio Player WordPress Plugin
This Sticky HTML5 Radio Player has support for ShoutCast and IceCast radio streams and comes with a complex playlist with categories and search.
This is a great way to add your Centovacast powered Shoutcast and Icecast radio station on to your website quickly.
If you want this plugin you will have to cough some $19.

Which radio plugin is best for you?

We certainly would love to hear from you! If you found this article useful, be kind enough to leave us a comment.
We would also be glad to hear from you if there is are some great Radio Station WordPress Plugins that we did not add here. We will add them simply leave us a comment.

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