ROAM Travel and Adventure WordPress Theme

ROAM Travel and Adventure WordPress Theme

Roam is a Premium travel and adventure WordPress theme that can be used to handle the entire process of lead generation to Booking Tours and Safaris.

Developed by Mikado-Themes, ROAM WordPress theme features a responsive attractive look that is easy to customize.

Among the tons of features Roam is parked with is an easy to Use Itinerary management which allows publishers to lay down their tour plan with day by day activity breakdown.

The theme can also be configured to show everything included in the quoted fees or those that are excluded.

The only downside of this theme is, while its SEO friendly, the URL structure easily grows longer and quickly becomes SEO problematic.

The developer extends support for purchased copies which is a plus to help you figure out what you might need but the response rate is rather to slow with most emails responded to after 30Hrs.

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