How to get a Salary Increment Without Asking.

Get a Salary Increment
Get a Salary Increment

Today we discuss how to get a Salary Increment Without Asking for one. Salary is an important part of any job employment. It’s at the heart of every employer-employee relationship, career growth, staff retention, motivation and a hell lot more.

Every employee would love to become the top earner at their workplace. Many work for years and years without realizing their dreams while some will get the salary increment in a much shorter time and without even asking.

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How to get a Salary Increment Without Asking.

So here are some of the ways you can get a salary raise without asking for it. These tricks will get your supervisor, manager or boss to give you a salary increment before you ask them to give it to you by simply improving your value to the business.

1. Don’t Just Answer Questions, Preempt them.

You must think its smart to always have answers to the boss’ questions. It feels nice when the boss asks and you always have the right solution to their query.

Now think about what your boss would think of you if you provided those answers before they even asked the question!

Here is how it works. Think of what your moss would most likely be interested in before they ask you. Think of the solutions that you would have given if the boss was to ask you. Now approach your boss with both the problem and the solution just when you believe they are about to ask or do. You are not just a star, you are someone they can depend on!

2. Become a Team Leader.

You can quickly get a Salary Increment Without Asking by simply becoming a team leader. Don’t wait to be appointed, you can make yourself a team leader without the title.

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Regardless of what office you hold at your workplace, you can improve your influence by becoming a helper. Be that helpful employee who is concerned about the wellbeing and performance of others. Be kind, understanding and generally the office go-to guy. Be the one who offers to lend a hand when the others are stressed out by deadlines. Be the employee who freely shares knowledge to make others. Throw in some extra hours when needed but not the one who never leaves office!

The above are critical elements of leadership and within no time, someone will notice. By being the person that helps others excel your “employment capital” grows with everyone’s success. It also quickly makes you acceptable as the team leader.

3. Do more than your job requires

You hardly get any pay rise for simply doing your core job well. If you do it will take longer. Your core job has already been paid for and you are expected to do it very well without demanding for extra pay!

Beyond developing the skills you need for your job, learn about your company’s industry, competitors, the latest developments and challenges.

Understand how the business you are in works in totality. Research and understand what others do. Come up with ways you can get results other than those specified in your job description. If for example, you are a customer care representative, how best can you help logistics reduce on costs or help sales improve revenue? Can you bring in some extra clients?

You should do the extra while staying mindful that they are not reducing your productivity on your primary job. If you keep scoring at your primary job while at the same time bringing in some results elsewhere you will soon be the candidate for a pay rise without even asking for it.

4. Stay Loyal and Stay Long

Loyalty and longevity are some of the long term tricks you can employ to get a salary improvement without asking for it. Employers will often reward their long-serving and loyal employees with some financial benefits.

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If you stay long enough at your job without jumping here and there, you will most likely earn yourself a payrise. The biggest shortcoming with this method of attracting a salary increment is that its extremely long term. You will have to stay at the job for a reasonably long time to get noticed for this yet your financial demands require a prompt address.

5. Make Yourself Hard to replace.

The quickest way to make one’s self “irreplaceable” at work is to multi-task. Grow ne skills at work. Improve your executions and efficiency. Build an understanding of the whole business flow more than anyone at work does. If it takes more than two people to ordinarily do the job you do, then you, my friend, are not only on the route to becoming hard to replace but also on the list of employees the business owner must keep at all costs.

If you are productively hard to replace, your manager will certainly know. They will also break the bank to keep you at the job even if you did not remind them how valuable you are.

For you to get better paid and have solid job security, what you need is not a complex employment contract. Your job security and remuneration is derived from how hard it is to replace you! That contract helps but if you are productively easy to replace, the contract will be broken!

6. If No One wants to do it, Do it!

I am not asking you to jump at every offering at the office. But there is always that task that no one wants to do for no particular reason but probably because they consider it NOT MY JOB. That is your opportunity to shine! Take on roles that others do not want to do and excel at them. You will instantly stand out!

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7. Help your Boss achieve their targets.

Your boss just like you has targets to meet. Bosses don’t necessarily do stuff themselves. They make others do through their guidance! Your manager wants a team they can rely on to achieve those targets.

Has it occurred to you that your boss just like you may be working for a pay rise too? Make them shine. The more you make them a better boss, the more they will advance your causes without even asking.

DISCLAIMER: I am talking about making your boss shine by helping them achieve organisational objectives NOT sweet talk them with empty praises.

8. Don’t Just Own Up your mistakes, Bring them up

Mistakes will always occur at the workplace. It’s a good habit to own up the mistakes when they do. It saves people a lot of time trying to figure out who messed up and in the process pointing accusing fingers at innocent colleagues.

Owning up your mistakes is good but it means someone figured them out before you. It also means if they had not been discovered you either did not know or were not going to own them!

To stay in the fast lane, take time to review your work and when you discover any mistakes, bring them to the attention of your boss before they are even discovered.

The advantage of this is that your boss will notice you as a careful employee who is helping them do their work of supervision. Early detection also means the boss or even you can come up with corrections before its too late.



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