Security Link Ltd (Uganda)

Security Link Ltd is a Uganda limited company located in Mengo Kampala.

Their main offices are located on Balintema Road in Mengo, Kampala Uganda.

The company specializes in exportation of labor to the middle east covering UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Iraq among others.

The company claims to offer several Jobs like House helps, Security (askari) guards, Drivers and many more.

The company has several listed contact numbers on their website +256 702 281 889, +256 759 985 584, +256-312 106 527, +256 706 117 006, +256 700 388 608.

While it’s not unusual, The company has no fixed contact telephone numbers.

The company does also not expressly declare the core management and ownership individuals which should ordinarily improve trust considering export of labor is now considered a very controversial business in Uganda following reports of abuse and death of job seekers.

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