Solve – WhatsApp Receives Messages BUT Does Not Send

I have seen quite a number of people ask the question, “I receive messages on my WhatsApp but I can’t send out messages or reply them?”

Quite often problems with the functionality of WhatsApp normally relate to:

  1. Your internet network is malfunctioning, slow or completely off.
  2. You have a wrongly saved number normally a number from foreign country saved locally.
  3. The recipient has blocked you so you can not send messages to them.
  4. Your WhatsApp application is clogged and unable to process posting after you attempted to update your status with multiple statuses and they are still in the queue trying to update.
  5. Your country is implementing some kind of filtering through ISPs and blocking either full functionality or affecting just the sending or receiving of WhatsApp messages.

How to Solve the Problem.

  1. If its a network problem you should naturally experience slow connectivity for all your apps that depend on Internet. Start by checking other apps to see if they are working normally. If not then you might have an internet problem. To solve it contact your ISP for a fix or download and use speedify if the connection is just slow. You may also consider using an alternative internet connection or wi-fi.
  2. If you wrongly saved an international number in a local format for example you save 0700 000 000 instead of the +256 700 000 000 then you may have problems sending messages to such numbers. You will need to correct the formats to send messages well. Please NOTE that if you are in Uganda for example but you set up whatsApp using your USA number. Any number you save in local format will take the international format of USA. For you to send messages to Ugandan numbers well on your USA used whatsApp you will need to save all Ugandan numbers in international format.
  3. When a user blocks you, You will be unable to contact them. The message will show at your end that it has been sent BUT it has not been delivered. Indeed the recipient will not see your message. If that is the case you might need to call them on phone to work things out or use other applications like Viber, Facebook etc where you may not be blocked.
  4. If you clogged your whatsApp as described above, Your whatsApp will become annoyingly slow for sending messages but will keep receiving messages. The quickest fix is to uninstall and reinstall your whatsApp and it will work well.
  5. If your country or ISP is filtering and affecting your whatsApp the best way to work around it is to download a VPN like Thunder VPN my favorite and connect through the VPN.

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