State Earn Online Marketing – Everything You Need To Know

Well BLQ Football is gone (with peoples money as expected) but the latest is that there is State Earn Online Marketing opening shop on Saturday 15th 2022. I am going to be doing research about State Earn Online Marketing and will keep updating this page progressively as I learn more. Keep checking for the latest updates.

What we Know About State Earn Online Marketing

Unlike BLQ, State Earn Online Marketing claims to be a marketing platform. Subscribers are required to sign up and activate their accounts. Account activation fee is 17,000 UGX. Subscribers are then served with Youtube and TikTok Videos. Other payable activities include spinning the wheel, clicking on adverts among many others.

State Earn Online Marketing claims its official launch will be on State Earn Online Marketing.

We shall keep updating this article as new information emerges.

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