The Politics of Abanyampi

The Politics of Abanyampi is a book title for a new book by prominent journalist and former Presidential spokesperson Joseph Tamale Mirundi.

The Politics of Abanyampi is a very controversial title based on the fact that among the Baganda the word Banyampi is vulgar and means someone who passes an offensive smell – fart.

The controversial title is an imagery that describes hypocritical politicians who do something bad and set up others to be held culpable or blackmail others to take responsibility for actions that were not perpetrated by them.

Quite different from its Luganda meaning, Tamale Mirundi uses the word Omunyampi to refer to someone who is blamed for something they did not do.

The book The Politics of Abanyampi is about a political mafia cartel in President Yoweri Museveni‘s government that orchestrates endless malicious and corruption deeds but someone smartly gets to blame it on others that are innocent.

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