Create A New Uber Driver Account After Deactivation

Create A New Uber Driver Account After Deactivation

You can buy a new Uber Driver account even if you were permanently banned by Uber from their platforms! On the dark Net, You can create or simply buy A New Uber Driver Account After Deactivation of your old account. And the prices are amazingly too low. Permanently blocked drivers are buying new Uber driver accounts for as low as just $150 in bitcoin on the darknet! IF YOU WERE PARMANENTLY BLOCKED BY UBER AND WOULD LIKE TO REACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT CLICK HERE. Please Note that we are not related to the service provider of this.

Why Don’t You Just Create a New Uber Driver Account?

If you have been permanently blocked by Uber, unfortunately its end of the story. You will not be able to appeal. You can not simply get a new phone number and email address and create a new driver account. Uber uses Face recognition technology to identify duplicate accounts so you will be gone forever. In fact, once you are permanently banned, Uber even asks you to permanently delete their app from your device! So if you are going to drive again, of for some reason you need an active driver account, you have to buy one from the dark web and thats why identity thieves are making money selling them.

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How simple is it to use an account bought on the Dark web?

Its extremely hard. Near impossible for someone who isnt a hacker to be able to use an Uber driver account that isnt yours. Uber regularly asks its drivers to verify their identity by taking a selfie. You may not upload a picture from the gallery! And if you take a selfie when you are not the owner of the account, you are instantly sent packing forever!

Are There Drivers who Drive Under Other People’s Account?

Yes. We have learnt from a Facebook group of Uber drivers that despite Uber’s vigilance, the drivers beat the system. Drivers will get a picture of someone (willingly in connivance) who stays near them but doesn’t drive for Uber. Using fake IDs they create a driver account in fake names. Whenever Uber asks them to verify their Identity, they will go over to their neighbor and ask them to take a selfie and back on the road they will drive.

Where To Buy a New Uber Driver Driver Account

GenesisPax from Genesis Onion Marketplace has been selling new and old stolen uber and Lyft accounts for a while. The Identity thief normally sells on Genesis but he also operates on telegram under the handle GenesisPax. The link to the channel is

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  2. I got suspended by uber for appearance.

    After carefully reviewing your account and the information you submitted as part of your deactivation review request, we’ve determined that your account will remain deactivated because you violated your agreement with Uber (which includes adhering to our Community Guidelines). This decision is final.

    We realize that this news may be upsetting, but everyone using the Uber platform must follow our Community Guidelines. We appreciate your understanding.

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