What are Fullz and How Can Fullz Be Used To Steal Money

What are Fullz and How Can Fullz Be Used To Steal Money

If you have been following identity theft or carding, you have seen the word Fullz many times. Fullz are very common among cybercriminals and fraudsters. Fullz are almost mentioned every time carding is mentioned.

In this article, I explore everything you need to know about fulls and how Fullz can be used to steal money.

What are Fullz?

Fullz is a term used by criminals to describe full stolen personal information. Full Personal information can be used to impersonate someone or use their banking details.

The slung is coined out of the word full. It’s used in short to communicate between data fraudstars that the information is complete and includes all the victim’s personal details.

What are Fullz Often Used for?

In most cases, Fullz are used for Identity theft. As you probably guessed, Identity theft is not an end in itself but a useful tool to get the job done. Many Cyber criminals will steal identities in order to impersonate someone to defraud a company, steal directly from the victim, or conduct illegal activity that will be attributed to the victim if they are caught.

How Do Fraudsters Steal Full Personal Details?

There are several ways in which hackers can harvest and use or sell your personal data. Some of the most common methods used include:

  • Phishing – The fraudulent practice of sending mainly web pages or emails purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as user names, passwords, and credit card numbers. The hackers make sure the sent pages or emails look as close to the brand they are imitating so much the victim believes it’s genuine. Once a victim fills in and sends the details, the hacker gets the information and uses it fraudulently.
  • Account takeover – Here, the fraudster will break into your email address or other personal accounts and change its passwords. Once in they will go through your emails to get some sensitive information that may exist therein. Sometimes, they will also contact some of the sensitive contacts you have pretending to be you and gathering more sensitive details.
  • On The dark web: Hundreds of fraudsters are actively selling Fulls on the dark web. One can order and have thousands of Fullz on the Onion dark web in just minutes.
  • Buy Fullz on the Clear Net. There are marketplaces selling Fullz on the clear net. Fraud shops like CardingGuru.xyz have Fullz listed on their website.
  • Physical theft: Sometimes a guy will show up, mag you, and take off with your details. Once your physical documents or cards are taken, they will have your fulls.

Live vs Dead Info

Live Fulls refer to stolen identities with Live (working) stolen credit card details. Dead Fullz on the other side refer to stolen details belonging to real people but either with credit card details that are faulty or real but have been blocked and can no longer be used to cash out. If you were to buy Fullz, you would need to be clear about whether you are looking for live or dead fullz. Fullz can also be declared dead if the owner has died.

In Most cases, Dead “fulls” can no longer be fully exploited for most purposes. Dead Fulls may briefly work but most anti-fraud protocols will catch them and reject them.

How Are Fullz Used To Steal Money?

Fullz may be used in many Card and credit fraud by fraudsters to steal money from unsuspecting victims or other credit entities. Here are a few ways this information is Used to steal money.

  1. PayDay Loan fraud: Fraudsters apply for payday loans, receive it online and wire it to themselves or fake transit accounts
  2. Carding or Credit card fraud: Fraudsters will use your card to make purchases mainly of Giftcards or Prepaid cards and use the cards to buy other things.
  3. Insurance Fraud: This is usually in the form of Medical insurance claims. They may also use them to order for  prescription drugs
  4. Bank drops: Fullz can be used to open a bank drop account and run off with the proceeds.
  5. Tax refund scams: These defraud the victim by using the fulls information to convince them they are the tax authorities

In general, it’s almost practically impossible to carry out any form of carding successfully without Live (valid) Fullz. This makes fullz a very critical aspect in all carding fraud and Identity fraud-related theft. The more comprehensive the information, the more likely they will succeed. Even with Non VBM and NON VBV you will need fullz to succeed

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