What is Adsense Software Udemy

Udemy Adsense Software is a software developed by Hemachandiran Kandan that alleges to help users make money online with Adsense using their software.

The software claims that Users can Make Passive Income From Adsense With No Real Experience if they invested at least 30 minutes per day for a few days.

It’s a premium software that costs up to $195 and claims to offer training to help users make money from Google Adsense without doing a lot.

It’s not clear how this software achieves that if it actually does considering that Google does not allow robot traffic on adsense publishers.

The software has mixed reviews with some users claiming it solved their Adsense problems while others frown with a no value for money reviews.

The idea of earning money from adsense using a software boarder on violation of the adsense terms and conditions but it’s impossible to know the fine details as you would only get the software after paying for the training fees which I have not done.

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