What is Carding? Everything You Need To Know.

What is Carding? Everything You Need To Know.

So, What is Carding? Credit card spooling and card verification also known as Carding is a card fraud in which attackers use multiple attempts to authorize a payments.

Carding is a type of fraud in which the carder (thief) steals credit card details, and uses them to buy products online. In most cases, these cyber thieves prefer to use the stolen credit cards to buy prepaid gift cards. The fraudster may then sell the prepaid cards or use them to purchase other goods which, in turn, can be resold for cash.

Is carding a crime?

In most cases yes but not absolutely. In general, carding is often carried out using stolen credit cards. In as far as that is concerned then carding would be absolutely illegal. However, there are exceptions. The exception would be where a legally acquired credit card is accessed, often for educational purposes, by the rightful owner without verifying ownership.

In some states, India for example, Carding is completely illegal. These states have made strict legal regimes that provide for very heavy punishments if one if found guilty of carding. In such states, any person who buys from these carders is also breaking the law. Hence, court can fine or jails the buyer too.

How do carders steal your Credit Cards Details for Carding?

Fraudsters steal your credit card information in various ways. One of the most often used methods to steal Credit Card details include, the use of skimmers. Skimmers are illegal machines specifically made to steal credit and debit card information often from ATMs and gas pumps in which they have been mounted.

Other methods used by carders to steal credit cards include:

  • Fraudulent Websites: This is by far the easiest and most common method used by these cyber thieves. Often, the victim will be asked to enter their valid card details on a fake website page. Normally these website will be a copy and look alike as a regular website that the victim often uses and trusts. Once you enter your card details, the website will email all this information to the card thief and redirect you the right website you thought you were on.
  • Fake Confirmation Calls: Some times fraudstars will trick you by giving you a call. Often, you will get a random call from the hacker pretending to be a service provider or banking staff etc etc. Normally they will ask you to confirm your card details because he needs to update something on their system. If you fall for this trick, the cyber thief will harvest your details and proceed to run your account dry!
  • Random Guess: Yes you read that right. Sometimes it all boils down to guesswork. Most of the card details are random guesses using some patterns and software. hard to believe but the most used bank ATM pin is 1234 and the most used Bank Log Passwod is 12345678. Many people still use the default passwords making it very easy to hack them!
  • ATM Machines: This method is no longer very common because of the higher risk of getting caught but still some pull it off. Often, hackers install skimmers on ATM machines so that they get all the details when a person enters his transaction details to get the cash.

    A credit card skimmer is a fraudulent device placed inside a legitimate ATM card reader, to copy the data off cards used in that ATM or pump.

  • Websites hack: This method requires some technical hacking skills but many of the card fraudsters are IT gurus. In this method, victims will input their Credit Card details on a reputed and genuine website like PayPal. The hackers then break into the back-end of Paypal and run off with all Credit Card Details stored on the platform.

Where Do Carders Sell Stolen Credit Cards?

If you are new to carding, I have prepared a detailed article on this matter. Consider reading – How to Buy Non VBV CC and Use Non VBV Cc in Carding.

There several methods and platforms where hackers sell stolen credit cards to other cyber thieves. These platforms are often on the Onion Dark web but there still exists many legitimate clear-net credit card vendors selling cards that actually still work!

The magnitude of the problem is really huge. According to reports, in 2020 alone, 115 million debit and credit cards were stolen and posted for sale on the dark web marketplaces. Card theift is more rampant in the US where over 87 million of the 115 were stolen from.

Can One buy Stolen Credit Cards on the Clear Net?

Absolutely. In our 2022 research, we were able to buy, on the clear net, a couple of working Credit cards some with very high balance! One of the notorious clear net websites where Credit Cards are sold in broad day light is Carding Guru. To date, this website and probably a couple of others still sell credit cards that still work and they do not even attempt to hide.

How simple is it to do Carding?

Truth be told, carding is not terribly easy. One needs some basic hacking skills to be able to bypass the ever growing banking security to cashout with a stolen credit card. But the process is not impossible to beat. With stolen payment cards, a cybercriminal can immediately make purchases under your name, or even drain your bank account.

What are the requirements for carding?

It all depends on how you plan to cashout the stolen credit cards but in most cases, all you will need are basic tools. You will most definately need a computer, or laptop or an android smartphone.

You will also need to Install few application required for carding. These might include VPN, proxy apps, CCleaner, IMEI changer, Photo and Android ID changer etc etc.

At a basic level, you can use any PAID VPN for carding. Some good VPN that can card verywell include USA VPN, HMA or Zen mate. If you are an advanced carder, you may need to employ the use of SOCKS5 proxy with proxy droid apps.

What will happen if we do carding?

Three things are going to happen?

Number 1. You might make a lot of money from these credit cards. But while you make the money, remember at all times that you are stealing. Every time someone steals, Number two is bound to happen.

Number 2 .  You will most likely get caught. Many people just hear about carding and want to dive in. If you are not an experienced carder, you will leave a trail and the Cops will most likely pay you a visit. The charges the Feds read you will not be simple. You will be facing more than 14 years behind bars.

Number 3. While fighting in court not to go to jail, you will pay lawyers a lot of money. If you are lucky not to go to jail, the lawyers will milk you dry and you will still end up poor or even poorer than it all started!

How do carders get caught?

Well, they say the days of a thief are numbered and they are 40. They always get caught in the end! You can fool people sometimes but you may not fool them all the time. Someone will finally piece one and two together.

Some of the things that finally get hackers busted are small lazy activities that finally lead law enforcement to some vital information. For example, most carders will do it from home. They are in most cases using internet. Your ISP has information where you are! Law enforcement agencies can legally obtain that data. If you are carding without using some form of anonymizing service and hard-coding then your IP addresses will be tracked successfully to your house.

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