What is Ntwe Ya Pusi? – The meaning of Walutwetwe Ntwe Ya Pusi.

This article defines Ntwe Ya Pusi. You will get the meaning of Ntwe Ya Pussy and who is called Ntwe Ya Pusi.

The term Ntwe Ya Pusi was coined by Ugandan Journalist and Politician, Joseph Tamale Mirundi.

Mirundi uses the term Ntwe Ya Pusi to refer to fellow journalist and nemesis Andrew Mwenda of the independent magazine.

The two writers and closely linked to the Ugandan Statehouse do not see eye to eye after Mirundi accused Mwenda of fabricating a tape to allege that he (Mirundi) was abusing members of the first family.

Mirundi further alleges that together with Minister Frank Tumwebaze, Mwenda was behind his sucking as the spokesperson to the presidency, a post he had held for 14 years.

Although it appears that it relates to a head (Ntwe) like that of a cat (Pusi), it’s not very clear why he came up with this abuse to refer to Andrew Mwenda.

As a writer, Tamale Mirundi writes with heavy use of symbolism, imagery and euphemism.

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