Who Is Dan Byakutaga?

Captain Dan Byakutaga is a former UPDF army officer who at the time of his disappearance in July 2000 was a Paymaster of the army.

Dan Byakutaga disappeared with US$1,055,555 (about sh1.9 billion Uganda shillings) salary for soldiers who were then in an operation (Operation Safe Haven) in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

From the time of his disappearance, no one has caught wind of Byakuya’s whereabouts with his family maintaining that Dan Byakutaga must be dead.

Sources from the Uganda People’s Defence forces have on several occasions hinted that Dan Byakutaga is alive and hiding in the USA but no solid evidence has ever been tabled.

In 2000 two senior UPDF officers went missing under very suspicious circumstances including both Dan Byakutaga and former director of finance, Capt. Charles Nkurunungi.

In February 2001, while appearing on Radio Hoima Fm, in Hoima town where Dan Byakutaga is born, President Yoweri Museveni said that intelligence agencies knew where Dan Byakutaga was hiding. He also added that Dan Byakutaga was trying to send back all the money that he had stolen from the UPDF however to date that money has never been recovered.

Nkurunungi is currently living in the USA.

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